Gadget Test: three of the best for arms

Flat is notoriously difficult to shift on upper arms – but with the latest gadgets you can get shape and strength:


The T Bow

The T-Bow is a great all-round exercise device from Swizerland which can be used to at home as well as in a class. It reminds me of the Step but you can do more since it is curved so you can use it both up and upside down – stepping on it as a platform, using it as a bench to do press ups and standing on the edges of the curve and rocking from side to side to build up strength and balance, as well as using it with bands. It takes up very little space and is very versatile.


It comes with a DVD and a set of different stretch bands. The exercises are easy to master, even for someone at beginner stage fitness. Our tester tried the T-Bow for three weeks and noticed an overall improvement in cardio-vascular fitness and the bands helped improve arm definition and strength. She was very pleased with the results.

The T-BOW home pack (including T-BOW, DVD and stretch bands) is available from for £125 including delivery. Rating 8/10.


Shake Weight

The dumbbell-shaped device is an arm strengthening and toning hand weight which you move back and forth.

Our picture shows the wife of Liverpool Captain, Stven Gerrard using the device which uses as technology called “dynamic inertia” to create vibration which gains momentum.

When held, the weight has a vibrating motion which looks sexually suggestive. The Shake Weight is aimed at women’s hard-to-shift bingo wings, there is also a bigger, longer version for men.

Our tester found it hard to get the hang of the movement required but after persisting got the hand of it. Arm and muscle strength both improved in two weeks of use.

The Shake Weight™ retails at £29.95, does not require batteries and comes complete with a bonus workout DVD. Available from and Tesco stores For stockist information or to order by phone, please call 0800 883 8224. Our rating 7/10

Slendertone System Arms

The System-Arms garment for women is an easy to use arm toner working the tricep (triceps brachii) muscles in the upper arm to eliminate bingo wings. The makers advise that you use it 5 times a week for 4 weeks to improve upper arm definition.


Slendertone works by electrically stimulating the muscles. The System using a core control device which can be attached to various garments with pads to stimulate particular muscles – arms, abs, buttocks etc. You attach the arm garment, click on the control and set the strength and frequency of the contractions.

It’s really a lazy person’s device or for someone who wants an extra boost, perhaps after injury, because you can’t really do anything while you have the pads on.

Our tester used the device regularly for four weeks. She felt stronger but wasn’t sure whether her arms looked more toned. Our rating 5/10. Slendertone Arms with the controller costs £119.98. Buy online at