Luxtural skincare by Pnina Vilinsky

Luxtural is a luxury skincare line that encapsulates the latest cosmetic science and natural ingredients.
The range which is designed to counter the physical effects of ageing on the skin using deep hydration.  And its the concept of New Yorker Pnina Vilinsky who gained her cosmetic knowledge working for some of the high end beauty ranges such as Estee Lauder.

Pnina Vilinsky

Pnina’s approach is to create a very compact range, so that her products delivery but are also value for money because a little goes a very long way.
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The Luxtural range products on sale at Harrods (Urban Retreat), Harvey Nichols and Fenwick Bond Street

These products are beautifully packaged and the common ingredient is pure Pacific ocean rainwater which has been certified as ‘pure’ by the US health watchdog, the FDA.
There are three products which can be used on any skin type:
  • Mystique Fountain Deep Hydrating Rainy Mist which is used as a primer or enhancer for the other products.  So you can put it on before  or after the others.  It feels like a gentle spray of Ocean mist and tones, calms and cools the skin.
    It is a unique product.  We thought it was it was very refreshing and brightened skin
    skin tone. Costs £78 for 3.4 fl.oz.
  • Silk Premonition Deep Moisturizing Anti-Aging Lotion which hydrates, nourishes and enhances the natural skin barrier.  This lotion is rich is natural ingredients, including essential oils and its smart delivery system ensures that  it penetrates into the skin. Costs £165 for 1.35 fl.oz.
  • Sophisticated Veil Anti-Aging Deep Moisturizing Serum is usually put as a protective ‘veil’ on top of the moisturizer. It contains several of the most advanced anti-ageing ingredients known to science including peptides, vitamins E and C.  These all work together to plump up the skin.  It also contains natural oils with the ooptimum amounts of essential fatty acides  – rose hip, borage and evening primrose.  It also contains pure Pacific Ocean rainwater.  Costs £195, 1.2 fl.oz.
As we mentioned before this range is expensive but you only need a little of each product.
We found they left the skin looking very moist, dewy and more evenly coloured.  We also tried using it on the back of the hand and that too produced great results.
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Forever Young – can you really reverse ageing? Ask the experts today


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We are a society that is obsessed with physical appearance and the battle to stay looking ‘forever young’ is one aspect of that. However, the missing key to the anti-ageing process has now been unlocked, with facial muscle care now being shown to be the vital ingredient to naturally restoring the youthful appearance of the face.

Many women will go a long way to preserve their facial beauty. Avoiding the sun, treating your skin and eating and drinking healthily are all universal factors in the battle against the aging process. In fact, the average British woman spends hundreds of pounds a year on beauty products – and some will even resort to cosmetic surgery in a bid to beat the signs of ageing.

Today there are many alternatives to going under the surgeon’s knife and the findings about facial muscle toning is heralding a revolution in terms of helping to delay the ageing process in a natural way.

While muscles in the face and the body naturally waste as we get older, the majority of women are unaware that as part of their beauty regime they should not only be toning their skin, but they should also be toning their facial muscles too which will help provide a visible and natural face-lift without the need for surgery.

Our live and interactive WebTV Show will show you how you can keep your face looking younger through muscle-toning without the need for expensive treatments or cosmetic surgery – and will include a look at the new Slendertone Face, which has been tried, tested and approved by the European Medical Device Directive.

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Younger skin restored with collagen, reveals patient trial


London: A new range of collagen based supplements, proven in tests to thicken the skin, has been launched in the UK.

The new range, ‘Skin Deep’ includes ‘Skin Deep 100% Pure Collagen Capsules’ which were originally developed to alleviate joint and arthritic conditions, but patients also reported remarkable improvements in their skin at the same time. It appeared healthier and firmer, while fine lines diminished. Other benefits also included healthier looking hair and stronger nails. The results were visible in as little as three weeks.

The principal ingredient of is Collagen — a word derived from the Greek meaning to produce glue — its function within our body is similar, holding and supporting tissues. As we age collagen production diminishes.

The Skin Deep range differs from other collagen products available as it uses a superior patented brand of hydrolysed collagen produced to make it purer than other collagen supplements. It has a lower molecular weight which enables the collagen to be absorbed more quickly into the system. Skin Deep Collagen is 95% absorbed in the body within the first 12 hours of being taken. Once in the body it seems to perform the same function as our own collagen and the body’s natural collagen base is restored to that of a younger person. Skin Deep Collagen has received FDA approval and has been confirmed as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).

Skin Deep Collagen capsules are available in pots containing 90 capsules (1 month supply – 3 to be taken per night) and contains 100% pure collagen. These are ideal for anyone looking to maintain a healthy skin and reduce the signs of ageing.

Skin Deep Collagen capsules cost £24.95 on-line at