EU vitamin ban – UK should opt out, says Elixir News


Elixir News joins doctors and natural health experts who want the British public to have the right to choose which vitamins and minerals they may take.

The European Court of Justice recently decided to uphold the EU’s Food Supplements Directive which bans the sale of these supplements even though they are considered safe by the UK’s Food Safety Act.

Elixir News says: “More people have been harmed by the pharmaceutical industry than by supplements. So one wonders in whose interests this ban is?

“Elixir News supports those doctors and other medical professionals against this ban. The UK government already has an excemption as far as the EU’s Working Time Directive is concerned, so a precedent has already been set. What would be acceptable to British consumers is to be left to make decisions about their own health.”

Elixir News supports the continued lobby against the EU directive and urges consumers to write to their MP, MEP and the Government’s Health Minister in support.

A full list of the banned supplements can be viewed at or at