Blood test for breast cancer only months away


Oslo: A Norwegian company has developed a blood test for breast cancer which could be on the market in a few months.

The life sciences company DiaGenic ASA is hoping to get Europe-wide approval by the end of next year.

The test uses a technique called ‘gene expression analysis’ to find a signature or pattern that distinguishes healthy blood from diseased blood or tissue. It can detect early tumors.

In the UK private healthcare provider Opaldia will offer it to private patients, while NHS patients may benefit if doctors believe it has advantages over existing screening methods and is costeffective.

Currently mammograms are mostly used for women at high risk of breast cancer in their 40s. But these can detect lumps only when they reached a size of between 5mm (0.19in) and 10mm (0.39in), and the density of breast tissue in younger women often makes it difficult to interpret the X-rays.