ELIXIR tests the latest anti-ageing gadgets


ELIXIR’s experts look at the latest anti-ageing gadgets on the market


The Tripollar Stop for the face is the first salon-grade radio-frequency anti-ageing skin device.

It works by using two kinds of radio (Tripollar Radio Frequency) frequencies to heat up the collagen under the skin. This has an immediate and visable tightening effect. Over the next few weeks it works on the fibroblasts in the epidermis which create new collagen and younger skin.

This gadget, uses mains power, and has a safety feature which shuts down when the skin has reached the optimum temperature – and turns on again when it has cooled down. The radio-frequency energy penetrates a mere 1-3mm and feels like a warm massage.

STOP has four metal “poles” which you hold against the skin. It is recommended mainly for facial, neck and decollete use – for lifting sagging jowels and chin, neck lines, facial wrinkles and marionette (nose to mouth) lines. And should be used 2-3 times a week until the desired effect has been achieved. It comes with a contact gel and after treatment anti-ageing cream.

STOP costs £175 there is also a body anti-cellulite and toning device, Tripollar Pose, priced at just £350it is a mini version of the in-salon ReGen treatment – to combat wrinkles and cellulite.The gadget is fairly affordable and would probably achieve optimum results after a few of the more powerful salon treatments.Click on this link for more information/or to buy STOP

We tested the facial Tripollar and we loved it. It’s small and easy to handle so you can pop it in your suitcase when you go away. It takes only a few minutes and is painless. It starts working from the first treatment. We loved this device. TEST RATING 9/10


This handheld device for home use is about the size of a TV remote control and gives the face a muscle work-out using electrical stimulation.

It has fourprogrammes: Microcurrent – for deep penetration of moisturising creams, skin rejuvenation and fine line reduction ;Non-surgical facelift and tone – for exercising and lifting superficial medium and deep muscles; Lymphatic drainage & toxin release – for the reduction of puffiness and toxin elimination, to achieve a fresher and clear complexion and Anti-Ageing and maintenance – to enhance the results and ensure your face stays toned and looking good.

Each programme operates on a different frequency and within each programme there is a cocktail of currents that penetrate different depths and muscles via two metal contacts. There is a gel to create the contact and after treatment anti-wrinkle cream.

As with all the Ultratone devices, they also have uses in medical treatment. In the case of the Facial Plus it is used to treat Bell’s Palsy.

The microcurrent penetrates and rejuvenates the superficial layer of the skin, stimulating the fibroblasts that produce youth-promoting elastin and collagen.

The best results are obtained by using the unit little and often – say five minutes on each side of the face daily.

The anti-ageing programme gives the muscles of the face a thorough workout, moving everything upwards.

You have to follow a facial workout map – each muscle is worked on for about one minute – 25 impluses, then there is a beeb to indicate that you should now move to the next muscle area.

The lymphatic programme works for people who have facial puffiness – the current stimulates the lymph system and helps the skin to detox.

Ultratone has gathered medical evidence to support the efficacy of its devices, many of which are used in rehabilitative medicine. You have to persevere and use this device regularly to see a result but if you don’t like the thought of using Botox then its worth the effort. Our tester noticed increased firmness and improved skin tone after three weeks of use.

The Ultratone Facial Plus costs £149.00 and can be purchasd by phone 44 (0)207 935 0631. More information is online at www.ultratone.co.uk


A hand-held comb for home use for MEN/WOMEN who are worried about hairloss/hair condition. Powered by the mains, it comes with an adapter. It stimulates the circulation around hair follicles through low-level laser energy. Results vary on different people – as hair growth is different on everybody but it also makes hair thicker and shinier.

It is used every other day for around 15 minutes – its painless. It works at the root by improving blood circulation and encouraging the growth of new hair follicles. In medical trials in the US doctors found that around 90%+ of the participants had new hair growth and increased thickness. Results are usually seen within 8-16 weeks of treatment. It is the only non-drug treatment for hairloss that has been proven to work. The device has a 5-7 year lifespan. Normally costs around £245. Kit contains a worldwide power adapter, user manuel and instructional DVD.

What our male tester said: “I used it religiously every other day for 12 weeks. It was painless and simply left my head feeling warmed. I couldn’t see any difference at first but small baby hairs have started growing on areas which were completely hairless. I will need to use it for several more months before I know whether it is is really going to make a difference. But if the first results are anything to go by then it looks like I will at least have some improvement in my situation or at least will be able to stop hairloss with regular use.”

To order LaserComb call 0844 567 9374 or go to www.innovate4u.com


This is an extremely handy and versatile device that comes with several different heads so that it can be used on the face, body and hair.

It uses galvanic electrical energy – either positively or negatively to cleanse and then penetrate anti-ageing gels and cream deep into the skin.

Its easy to use and the device itself is small so good to take away in luggage. Its relatively expensive though at about £266 and the makers say you have to use their gels and creams to get the best results. A package of before and after gels costs £41 and there are other treatment products for the body and hair.

A very pleasant experience, skin seems to plump up straight away and it helps the areas that age first such as underneath the eyes.

There is currently a 5% web discount applied on online purchase. Read more at www.nuskin.com


Clarisonic® is a professional-calibre brush that uses a gentle sonic micro-massage action to cleanse deeply. It gently clears pores without harsh abrasion or chemicals, cleansing so effectively that skin care products absorb better. Study results of Clarisonic show that six times more makeup is removed than manual cleansing which can bring about the reduced appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone.

Using any nonabrasive facial cleanser, Clarisonic works to unclog pores for deeper cleansing, working with the skin’s natural elasticity without stripping it. It is safe for virtually all skin types and for daily use and studies prove it to be twice as effective at cleansing the skin as manual cleansing with soap and water.

With its built in one minute timer, Clarisonic beeps to indicate when it is time to clean the next area of the face and is as easy to use as a powered toothbrush – so no additional time is added to the beauty ritual. It is also waterproof so can safely be used in the bathroom and shower.

Because it cleans so effectively yet gently, Clarisonic is recommended by dermatologists for daily cleansing of skin – even the sensitive skin of people with rosacea, acne or seborrhea. It reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes and diminishesthe appearance of pores, as well as helps men with shaving rashes. It has also been shown to be helpful for people with ageing skin – reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Clarisonic Skin Care System is available to purchase initially at Space NK stores nationwidein the UK, , and replacement brush heads are sold separately. Costs £175

More information about Clarisonic:

Please visit www.clarisonic.comor telephone 0800 988 4864

What our tester said: “My skin felt really clean and it looked better from the very first time I used it. Its not difficult to use and my skin looks a lot better after four weeks of regular use.” RATING 7/10


Although this device a Halloween masque it is one of the most popular beauty products in France. It’s also the favourite the glamorous former newsgirl Angela Rippon.The salon version is very popular in France.

As the skin ages it looses elasticity because of slower cell renewal process and lack of hydration. MaxiMasque moisturizes and hydrates your skin tissue by a process called “osmosis” – this means it helps the skin retain moisture. The masque takes 10 minutes to heat up electrically. The heat encourages water to penetrates into the deeper layer of the skin cells-(dermis), as a result the cell swell up, therefore tiny lines and wrinkles are plumped up on the surface of the skin, giving you instant and visible results.

Results from a clinical trial conducted by the prestigious Department of Dermatology at Amersham Hospital (Buckinghamshire NHS Trust) showed enhanced levels of hydration, increased skin softness and a significant reduction in wrinkles. Many found the experience of using the mask relaxing, soothing or therapeutic. Colour white On sale in Fenwicks/Harrods normally costs £39.99

This anti-ageing gadget is a great value for money device which can be used over and over again for pampering facials and other treatments.
TEST RATING 8/10. Buy online at www.maximasque.co.uk


Tua Viso is powered by batteries. It uses an electrical charge to stimulate the facial muscles and lymphatic system. This jump starts the process within the cells that helps grow collagen so skin thickens and lines diminish.

Tua Viso resembles a cordless telephone in shape and features two electrodes that work neatly and simply with soft, changeable sponges and water from your own tap.

The practical design of Tua Viso makes it easy to hold, keeping the regulator wheel under constant control with your thumb or forefinger, and positioning the electrodes on any part of the face without effort.

Tua Viso can be taken anywhere. Its compact dimensions, light weight, battery power and illuminated panel enable easy use anywhere and in any situation – even in the dark! You can use it while you’re relaxing about watching your favorite television program, or curled up in bed reading a book. Since you can easily manage Tua Viso with one hand, you can even use it while doing chores around the house or checking your email.

Costs £175 Buy at www.tuaviso.com
What our tester said: “It didn’t work straight away about after two weeks my skin started to look fresher. It didn’t hurt and it only two a few minutes each day.”