Discover how you can reverse your body clock – at exclusive London seminar


London: Look younger, lose weight, feel great! Learn how at a new one-day intensive workshop from physique, weight-loss and anti-ageing experts, Tim Bean and Anne Laing.

Tim and Anne pictured above

“Tim and Anne have succeeded in changing the way their clients look, feel and live”Jemima Khan

Most of the symptoms we associate with ageing are actually nothing to do with getting old. And if over 80% of the diseases we die from are caused by our lifestyle choices, and are therefore actually preventable, then that leaves loads of things we can do every day to turn back our physiological clocks AND LOOK YOUNG, LOSE WEIGHT, FEEL GREAT!!

Tim Bean is presenting daily at The Vitality Show 18-21 March (win free tickets) and will be talking about The Neck Up Diet and Turn Back Your Age Clock

Leading international health experts, Tim Bean & Anne Laing are founders of The Institute of Physique Management (, a private practice that takes prominent business people and celebrities through customised physique, lifestyle and wellness management programmes. They are authors of Turn Back your Age Clock – look and feel 20 years younger in only 8 weeks, Hamlyn (2009).

NEW FOR 2010 is their Look Young, Lose Weight, Feel Great 1 Day Intensive Workshop will take place in Central London on Saturday 24th April 2010

“If you’re serious about your health, your looks and living to a full and fruitful age, but arenÂ’t paying attention to your lifestyle, you’ll pay the price,” warns Tim.

This NEW workshop will reveal the principles, secrets and strategies everyone can adopt to LOOK YOUNG, LOSE WEIGHT, FEEL GREAT!

The fast-moving, full-on day will break through the “Myth-information” we mistakenly accept as truth, and will reveal the real secrets behind the diet and exercise regimes their private celebrity clients use every day to stay looking slim, vibrant and alive!

What the Workshop will cover:

 Learn why itÂ’s not aerobics that holds the secret to burning pounds of fat off fast! In fact in many cases itÂ’s the worst thing you can do!

 Get the real deal on hormones and the roles they play as master computers of almost all your bodies functions, from mood, metabolism, libido, weight, fatigue, hunger and sleep through to memory, clarity and other functions of your brain!

 Discover why eating more will help you extend your lifespan – and carve off the inches – faster than eating less! In fact we now know that staying in the best shape and having more energy, better health and a more youthful and vibrant physique – is totally destroyed by most common diets!

 Find out the real reason why you shouldnÂ’t snack between meals – and itÂ’s not because you donÂ’t need the calories!

 See how you can totally avoid the mid-afternoon munchies and charge through the day with amazing levels of energy!

 Learn why, contrary to popular opinion, the most important meal of the day isnÂ’t breakfast!

 Work out exactly where your optimal training zone should be – and it isnÂ’t based on your heart-rate! WouldnÂ’t it be great to walk into any health club, anywhere in the world, and know exactly whatÂ’s the best and safest routine to use?

 Master the skill of getting the perfect meal in any restaurant, by simply following our unique two-step plan. Imagine being served a beautiful dinner with the freshest most nutritious ingredients that you wonÂ’t feel guilty eating – without making a fuss or drawing attention to yourself! YouÂ’ll find out how to order “off menu”, and have even the grumpiest chefs love you for it!

 Learn why most of the diseases we associate with getting oldÂ…are nearly totally avoidable! And the easy, simple things you can do from tomorrow that will give you disease-proof protection.

 Discover why the fat gene is a complete and utter myth when it comes to being seriously overweight, and the reason why you never see cellulite on the legs of an athlete!

 YouÂ’ll also learn about our famous “Inside-out, Upside-Down & Back-to-front” principle for maintaining a beautiful and more youthful physique.

 ThereÂ’ll be a wealth of take-home tips and ideas to easily incorporate into your daily schedule,

 PLUS weÂ’ll guide you through our personal pick of top exercises to shape and tone your body to perfection!

Booking Info:

ÂŁ179 per person, book via or call +44 (0)20 8870 4557
24th April, 2010. 8.30am – 4.30pm

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