Vichy launches new solution for menopausal skin


Vichy Laboratories has created a new generation of skin care products that specifically targets women over 50 experiencing hormonal changes, such as those associated with menopause.

NeOVADIOL has been designed to increase skin density and re-enforce underlying skin structure with a new anti-ageing active ingredient, Pro-Xylane.™ that helps improve the appearance of sagging skin.

NeOVADIOL day and night creams are the first skin care products to combine two major discoveries which recreate skin densityand restore its natural framework:

• Pro-XylaneTM, the new Vichy anti-ageing molecule, and
• Isobioline TM, the 1st cosmetic lipo-restructuring active ingredient.

Pro-XylaneTM, is an innovation in the treatment of hormone related skin ageing stemming from seven years of research. Pro-Xylane’s™ primary action is to stimulate the production of collagen (the structural building block for all connective tissue in the human body) and glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s – water retaining molecules that give the dermis its substance & resistance to compression).

During the menopause there is a decrease in the levels of collagen and GAG’s. This leads to a change in the skin’s matrix component, which in turn affects the structure of the skin.

Why do women need it?

When a woman enters her fifties, she is likely to experience the onset of the menopause. There are three distinct clinical signs that accompany this decrease in hormonal activity, resulting in a loss of skin density:

• Skin dryness: deprived of lipids, the skin’s surface gets dry, loses suppleness and the complexion becomes dull

• Thinning skin: epidermal renewal slows down. Epidermal cells populate less frequently and reduce in number. The epidermis becomes thinner. Skin becomes slacker and creases appear.

• Sagging facial contours: the dermis is less resistant and its supporting capacity is reduced. Fibres (collagen and elastin) and GAGs fall in both number and volume.

Dr Paul Jenkins, a consultant endocrinologist at Harley Street’s Genetic Health said: “When we are young our skin has firmness and elasticity that is in part due to an abundance of glycosaminoglycans that absorb water easily thus maintaining skin density. We know that as women undergo hormonal
change at around the age of 50 they start to lose these all important components in connective tissue leading to a noticeable loss of skin density”

Application: Use every day for optimum results

Tolerance: Hypoallergenic and tested on sensitive skin

RRP: NeOVADIOL Day Cream – (RRP £18.95)
NeOVADIOL Night Cream -(RRP £19.25)
NeOVADIOL Dry – (RRP £18.95)


Vichy has trained a team of skin specialists based at 700 independent pharmacies throughout the UK. These experts are able to accurately diagnose your skin type and dispense the appropriate product for your needs.

To find your nearest Vichy skin expert visit Vichy Stockist Number in the UK 0800 169 6193