OxygenZone – Serbia

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Oxygen Zone specialises in Thermal and Health Spas in Serbia, offering packages that can benefit a wide range of people. People suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, circulation problems, dysfunctions of cardiovascular system; gastrointestinal system, gynaecological problems; locomotive apparatus; metabolic system; neurological; psychological; respiratory system; skin disorders and geriatric conditions would particularly benefit from curative water treatments which have long lasting effects, plus wellness retreat for mind and body bliss – just nature healing the way it is meant to.

Give yourself a chance to naturally heal and rebalance through the deeply relaxing and revitalizing experience that a spa holiday can provide.

About Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

HBOT has been shown to be particularly effective in the cosmetic and spa treatments such as rejuvenation, anti-aging, weight loss, skin toner, cellulite, wrinkles reduction, fast nail grow, stress, and stimulation of the immune system among other number of benefits.

Also, there are patient reports of increased clarity of thoughts, more vivid dreams,
renewed energy and reduce fatigue following the HBOT treatments.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps to create the optimal terrain within your body so that your body can perform essential cell processes efficiently. It is also used to help promote healing in cosmetic surgery.

Hyperbaric oxygen facials are reviving faces in Hollywood and beyond. Breath for Health; Breath for Beauty! Boost Drive and Libido! Spice up your life with Hyperbaric Oxygen Holiday.

The company also provides cosmetic dentistry, non-surgical and other cosmetic procedures.