Phyto Soya shown to safely reduce hot flushes


London: A new clinical study of post-menopausal women who were put on a course of soya plant supplements for nearly one year has shown that it reduces hot flushes by 61%.

In another study, sponsored by manufacturer Arkopharma, the supplement called Phyto Soya was also shown to be safe and caused no growth of the endometrium – the womb lining. A total of 310 biopsies were taken at the end of a year long study of post-menopausal women and no cases of abnormal growth were detected.

The capsules also helped vaginal dryness which can also be another side effect of the menopause.

Phyto Soya which is sold in the UK in branches of Boots is a range of natural soya isoflavones, formulated for women who do not want to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), or have had to stop using HRT because of side effects or would like to complement the effects of their prescribed medication.

Over 70% of women are affected by menopausal systems some of which begin during the perimenopause when they are still experiencing menstruation. These symptoms can go on into the 60s and 70s. The hot flush is a classic symptom that affects 80% of women – for one in five it is severe.

Dr Catherine Hood a general practitioner who specialises in women’s health says that the supplement is an excellent alternative for women who do not want to take HRT but that women with a history of breast cancer should seek medical advice on taking the two a day capsules.

She said: “Alongside the clinically proven efficacyof Phyto Soya in reducing the frequency of hot flushes, this study indicates the safety of this supplement for post-menopausal women. The conclusion is that this specific soy extract may be recommended for women who prefer not to take HRT.”

For further information: Read the Menopause Fact File. Also the Phyto Medicines Fact Sheet and also information on the Phyto Soya range of products by Arkopharma