World’s first anti-wrinkle bedsheets go on sale


Greensboro: A US company has launched the world’s first anti-wrinkle bed sheets.

Cupron fibers in the bedsheets give consumers an alternative to the same old anti-wrinkle and skin beautifying creams and face washes. They are proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Besides all the cosmetic pluses Cupron bed sheets use the same antimicrobial fabrics as the rest of Cupron’s products–meaning they fight odor causing bacteria and fiber degrading fungi.

“We’ve had tremendous success with a variety of applications from cosmetic to odor control,” says Jamie Ben David the director of Cupron’s new e-commerce division.

Cupron’s technological breakthrough in the world of copper infused fabrics enables its antimicrobial qualities to be exploited in a cost effective manner in a wide variety of new products. With a number of their products currently being evaluated by the FDA and EPA for approval, Cupron looks towards a bright future in hopes of influencing the medical field as well as selling apparel.

“There’s been a lot of excitement involving all our products, especially with the Cupron bed sheet,” says Ben David. Cupron bed sheets are a great way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as offering long lasting fabric that fights against both odor and degradation. From bed sheets to socks–Cupron continues to be a leader in the field of antimicrobial technology.

About Cupron, Inc
Cupron, Inc. integrates patented copper compound technology into products that span the healthcare, medical and apparel industries. Cupron’s antimicrobial technologies are sold and marketed in the United States by official permission of the EPA and protect against microbes that attack fibers and fabrics, promoting enhanced quality of life in the workplace and in the home. As a green technology, Cupron products are safe for humans and the environment.