Transdermal to float on London AIM – March 2007


London: The UK company, Transdermal Cosmetics Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Transdermal Sciences PLC, is to float on the UK’s AIM stockmarket later this year.

It has plans to bring several anti-ageing products to the consumer market, based on the parent company’s patented “somazone” technology. Somazone is a technology that effectively shrinks the large molecules in active ingredients, such as collagen, so that they can be more easily absorbed beneath the skin’s surface.

The company also plans to make the technology available to cosmetic and pharmas in the same way as fabric manufacturers are able to incorporate Lycra into their products.

Transdermal’s first product “Entrederm”; a collagen-based face cream, has been independently tested in the US, where it is currently being sold through TV infomercials.

Transdermal intends to launch a number of cosmetic products based around the Somozone technology both in the US and Europe. It is envisaged that products will initially be launched through direct sales via an infomercial campaign and Tansdermal’s internet site and through sales in doctors’ offices in the US with retail store distribution to follow.