Lasers helpful in pain relief

Sydney: Scientists have discovered that low level laser can help patients with chronic neck pain.

In a trial, published in the International Association for the Study of Pain, a low level laser was used on 90 patients with chronic neck pain. They were treated by reserachers at the University of Sydney, over a period of seven weeks with a course of 14 treatments or a placebo laser.

At the end of the trial the results revealed that pain had decreased in the treated group. Doctors are not sure how the laser lessened pain but have theorised that it may increase the release of the harmony hormone serotonin or stimulate the body’s own pain fighters.

Smokers more likely to be depressed

Oslo: Smokers are more likely to suffer from depression than non-smokers, researchers in have found.

An 11-year study of adults found that the level of depression increased the more cigarettes smoked and heavy smokers – those on more than 20 a day – were four times more likely to suffer.

The report from the University of Oslo concluded that nicotine may change brain levels of the mood enhancing chemical serotonin in long-term smokers.