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Ragdale Hall launches Brain Circuit


Health spa, Ragdale Hall, is leading the way in alternative fitness programmes with the addition of its unique BRAIN CIRCUIT class to the already varied, actvity titmetable.

In recognising the importance of exercising the grey matter to overall health and well-being, Health and Fitness consultant, Dean Hodgkin, decided to take this discipline to a whole new level with hand held computers, space-age toys, physical puzzles and a library of books to test your logic, challenge your problem solving skills and elevate your brain to greater efficiency.

The class follows a traditional circuit-training format whereby you move around the room, from station to station, to face a different challenge at each. At one station there’s even a state-of-the-art game-table that allows you to move a ball by simply controlling your thoughts.

Comments Dean, “Beyond the minor hassles of forgetting names, pin numbers or where we left our keys, the current wave of brain training can seriously slow the ageing process, significantly reducing the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, that sadly affects around half a million people in the UK.”

To ensure you get the most from the class, Dean has created a dedicated space, the incredible MIND GYM with its eclectic design incorporating quirky furniture in vibrant colours, promising to stimulate your senses the moment you enter. It truly is the perfect environment to unleash the power of your mind!

For more information: www.ragdalehall.co.uk