Pure Massage…

massage [320x200].jpgPure Massage specialise exclusively in massage, as their name may suggest.

They say their aim is to bestow well-being through their range of massages; offering face, feet, back, body and pregnancy massages or a combination of those.

I went to try out the facial massage at Fenwick’s of Bond Street.

The facial massage is performed using non-allergenic plant oil (Rosa Mosqueta), which is not known to have a negative effect on even the most sensitive skin. The therapist informed me that Pure Massage classify 90% of people as having environmentally damaged skin with 10% of people having particularly sensitive skin. Predictably, I was environmentally damaged.

I am lucky enough to not have any particular areas of soreness or tension in my face and neck, so I had a more balanced rather than focused treatment but I was told that many people carry their stress around in their neck and jaw, so focus on these points is common.

The treatment first focused on my neck and upper chest/shoulders, moving on to my jaw, with all my muscles being systematically massaged and loosened, carrying on to my cheeks and forehead. The treatment concluded with a short scalp massage.
I found the massage and surroundings very relaxing, but I wouldn’t recommend getting the treatment in your lunch hour as the oil used may disrupt your carefully coiffed hairstyle and/or you will fall asleep at work!

The Pure Massage facial massage costs £80 for 60 minutes, including a recommendation on beneficial skincare products and techniques if required.

To book a facial massage, call 020 7381 8100. Alternatively you can visit their website (link below), where you can find information on the other treatments on offer.