89-year-old gets first novel published


London: Proving you are never too old to become published, SJ Morrison, from East
Yorkshire, will finally have his work published at the age of 89.

SJ Morrison (pictured right) won the Academic category of the Undiscovered Authors National Literary competition, winning a prize of £2,000, plus publication of his text Introduction to Statistical Engineering, which will be available from 30th October 2006.

SJ Morrison was originally commissioned to write his Engineering text by a top London publisher, but whilst Morrison was busy completing his book, the interested publisher sold their Engineering list on to another publisher who was not interested in Morrison’s text. After years of trying to get his work published, Morrison decided to enter it into the Undiscovered Authors competition and will at last get to see his work in print. Commenting on winning the prize, SJ Morrison said; “Winning this prize in the Undiscovered Authors competition has given me the great satisfaction of knowing my book will finally be published and could potentially influence engineering procedures of the future.”

The competition was launched for the first time last year to search out fresh British literary talent in the categories of General Fiction, Non Fiction and Academic, as each year the words of many talented authors go unpublished. Huw Thomas of Cornwall won first place in the General Fiction category, his novel The Tale of Findo Gask, tells the story of a thief, born in a ditch, raised in slums and educated by the underworld – a story of an unconventional life, of alienation and a desperate search for acceptance.

Jo Nisbet from Surrey, won the Non Fiction prize with her book Laughing Star – an autobiographical account of a mother dealing with children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). When Emily becomes so out of control, sending her to Brat Camp becomes her mother’s last and only resort.

The Undiscovered Authors competition, run by publishing house Discovered Authors aims to seek out new literary talent. The competition is now open for 2006. Please visit www.undiscoveredauthors.co.uk for more information.