Happiness poll reveals that Briton’s less happy than 50 years ago

London: Briton’s may be better off financiall but they are less happy, according to poll carried out for the BBC.

It found that although Britain is three times richer than it was 50 years ago, the country is not as happy as it was then. In 1957, 52% of the people said they were ‘really happy’ but only 36% said they were, according to the BBC Two TV programme called The Happiness Formula.

In common with the US, the UK is reporting lower levels of personal happiness. A General Social Survey recently found that 34% of Americans were ‘very happy’ in the 1970s. By the end of the 1990s the figure dropped to 30%.

Polls over the last few decades seem to indicate that as soon as average incomes reach about £10,000 annually ($18,000), any further income increases do not bring about more happiness.

It seems there are many countries whose levels of happiness are higher than Britain’s.

When British people were recently asked whether governments should aim more for making a country happier or wealthier, 81% opted for happiness while only 13% opted for wealth. 52% of British people polled believe schools should focus more on teaching children how to achieve happiness in their personal lives.

43% of British people think that where they live is less friendly than it used to be, 22% think it is more friendly.Only 7.7% of 1000 people interviewed thought work fulfillment was the most important contributory factor towards happiness. Most people place relationships as the largest factor, followed by health.