Hectic lifestyle is main cause of stress

London: Our hectic lives are making us ill, a new survey has discovered.

Those questioned were anxious about – not getting enough exercise (48%), not getting enough sleep (42%), general fatigue (34%), not being able to find a National Health Service dentist (29%), daily stress (27%), cleanliness of public hospitals (25%), depression (23%), food additives (20), hospital waiting lists (17%) and passive smoking (5%).

The poll indicates many of us are far more worried about not getting enough sleep and the stresses of everyday living than smoking, drinking or poor diets.

Public health experts believe the findings reflect the increasing pressure of surviving in a 24-hour society.

They have warned that the strain of modern life – in which employees work longer hours and spend less time with family and friends – could be costing the health of millions. There is no santuary at home where there are still mobile phones and the Internet.

The research carried out by healthcare insurance provider Legal & General questioned 5,000 men and women about their biggest health worries over the past three months.

Nearly half said lack of exercise was their number one health concern. Lack of sleep followed at 42 per cent while 34 per cent said general fatigue was a major worry.

More than a quarter blamed stress as a cause of anxiety while almost the same number said they worried about feeling depressed. Passive smoking, however, was mentioned by 15 per cent of those surveyed and drinking by just 12 per cent.

Only 14 per cent said they worried about not following a healthy diet and a fifth about food additives such as salt, colouring and preservatives.