Olive leaf drink proven to lower blood pressure

The results of a new research review highlighted by OVIVO, a new antioxidant, Organic Olive Leaf Infusion drink, has revealed that the olive leaf has even higher levels of healthy antioxidants than previously thought.

The new paper reveals the health benefits of the plant compound hydroxytyrosol — one of the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants known to man. Hydroxytyrosol is found in olives and olive oil, but the highest concentrations occur in the leaf. This is also true of oleuropein, another potent plant compound which also has proven antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammation activity.

Although most olive leaf extracts are standardised to ensure a set level of oleuropein, only one — OVIVO Organic Olive Leaf Infusion with Calendula — works to deliver a dose of hydroxytyrosol.

OVIVO Organic Olive Leaf Infusion also has up to 30 beneficial plant compounds and phytochemicals found in the Mediterranean diet in one handy, concentrated dose.

The research was reviewed on behalf of OVIVO by Dr Pamela Mason, an expert nutritionist and chair of the Government’s Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances (an advisory committee which reviews foodstuffs such foods that are specially formulated for people with medical conditions), who suggests the dynamic duo of hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein may hold the key to many of the health benefits associated with olives and the Mediterranean diet.

A double-blind study found a twice-a-day 500mg dose of olive extract was as effective as an ACE inhibitor at reducing both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, but unlike the prescription-only blood pressure pill, the extract also significantly lowered levels of dangerous triglicerides.

A trial investigating the impact of olive leaf extract on blood sugar control reported a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity after just 12 weeks, while a study in patients with type 2 diabetes found the extract improved insulin levels and reduced HbA1c, a marker associated with a greater risk of diabetes-related complications.
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Nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire agrees: “The study highlights the advantages olive leaf extract can bring to our health and wellbeing when introduced to our diet. We’ve known about the health benefits of olive oil for a long time but this new research confirms the importance of hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein and their power as an antioxidant.

“EFSA has ruled that olive products must provide a minimum of 5mg of hydroxytyrosol a day to show antioxidant activity and qualify to carry health claims relating to cholesterol benefits, but the Authority warns that some olive oils may be too low in the antioxidant to reach this target.

“The great news is that a 70ml dose of OVIVO Organic Olive Leaf Infusion, an olive leaf extract combined with soothing calendula, provides at least twice this amount — as a readily absorbed drink, for maximum bioavailability.”

OVIVO Co-Founder, Susan White said: “We are so convinced of the health-boosting properties of OVIVO that we are on a mission to spread the word far and wide about this natural route to wellness. We are proud to be supporting on-going research into the compounds of the olive leaf in order to find new ways to extract its natural goodness.”

OVIVO Organic Olive Leaf Infusion delivers hydroxytyrosol — one of nature’s most potent antioxidants — and up to 30 beneficial plant compounds and phytochemicals found in the Mediterranean diet in one handy, concentrated dose.

The no-fuss infusion is made from 100 per cent organic ingredients including freshly picked olive leaves (from Italy), soothing calendula, grape and lemon juice and spring water. All ingredients are non-GM and pesticide free.

Each 500ml bottle delivers seven days of natural wellness in 70ml shots, and because there is no added sugar and only a trace of fat, each dose contains a mere 13kcal.

OVIVO Organic Olive Leaf Infusion can be drunk neat, or mixed with fruit juice of smoothies. For something more sophisticated try mixing four shots of OVIVO with 100ml of elderflower cordial, 700ml of sparkling water and crushed ice. Serve with mint leaves and wedges of lime for a delicious aperitif bursting with antioxidant action.

OVIVO Organic Olive Leaf Infusion is the brainchild of British couple Dom and Susan White who have lived in Italy for 15 years and have two children who were born there. They founded the business in 2011 after hearing stories about the remarkable health benefits of olive leaf infusions and years of experimentation to perfect their infusion process.

They are now on a mission to spread the word about this natural way to wellness and fund further research into the potent plant compounds and phytonutrients which give olive leaf extracts an edge over other antioxidants.

OVIVO Organic Olive Leaf Infusion costs £13.99 for seven doses and is available from selected Boots stores, Wholefoods, Holland & Barrett and independent health stores in the UK and Ireland.

Olive leaf extract more powerful than oil in diabetes control, reveals new study

Auckland: A new patient trial has shown that an antioxidant extract made from olive leaves is far more powerful than the oil from the fruit in lowering insulin resistance.

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The trial carried out on 47 men at risk of developing type II diabetes and carried out by the Liggin’s Institute at The University of Auckland revealed a significant improvement in the action of  insulin and the way it is secreted in overweight men.

Incidence of Type II diabetes is highest in overweight or obese people and occurs as a result of insulin not working effectively in the body. The findings, due to be published in an international journal, could help the UK’s ageing and increasingly overweight population to help prevent onset of the disease.

The clinical trial used Comvita Olive Leaf Extract, a black liquid which is made from the resilient, bitter-tasting leaves of the olive tree. The trial revealed that a 12 week course of the natural supplement improved insulin action to healthier levels1. On average a 28% improvement in insulin secretion and a 15% improvement in insulin action was witnessed in the olive leaf group when compared to placebo1.

The research suggests that a daily tablespoon of olive leaf extract (or two capsules) holds promise for the millions of “Dia-risk” individuals in the UK as part of a preventative strategy against the onset of Type II diabetes. A condition which recent research suggests costs the NHS nearly £10 billion4.

Around 1 in 20 people in the UK5 are Type II diabetics and it is most likely to affect those with a BMI >30, although ethnicity also plays a part – black and Asian groups are more at risk of developing the disease5. It is also estimated that around 2% of people in the UK have type II diabetes, but are undiagnosed6. Further millions of British adults and increasingly teenagers are “dia-risk”, meaning they are likely to develop the condition: such as those with an overweight or obese BMI, older people or those with a genetic predisposition.

Insulin is an essential tool in the body; it allows glucose to pass into the cells of the body to be used as energy. However in Type II diabetes (and to some extent the “dia-risk”) the pancreas cannot produce as much insulin as it needs to or this insulin can no longer be used effectively by the cells (known as insulin resistance). This means the glucose isn’t being used effectively in the body and remains in the blood leading to elevated blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Type II is a serious condition and many UK sufferers rely on prescribed drugs to treat their condition. This is not ideal as many common diabetic medications that are currently prescribed in the UK have been linked to unpleasant side effects such as sickness and diarrhoea7 – and serious health implications such as increased risk of heart failure78.

Dr Ralk Schlothauer, Chief Technical Officer for Comvita said: “We are pleased to report that Olive Leaf was well tolerated by all participants with no major side effects. The study found on average a 15% improvement in insulin action, a very encouraging result.

“While we are very excited by the findings of the clinical trial, we would not advise any Type II diabetics to use olive leaf in place of medications prescribed by their doctor,” Simon Pothecary, UK spokesperson for Comvita whose Olive Leaf Complex is sold in Boots and Holland & Barrett stores across the UK, comments”However the research holds promise for the millions of people who are at risk of developing the disease, perhaps they are overweight or there is a family history of the condition.”

While much research has focused on the health benefits of olive oil, new data regarding olive leaf is emerging. Active compounds found in olive oil called ‘polyphenolics’ have been identified, but the olive leaf contains these in much higher concentrations – around 30-40 times stronger.


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Comvita’s Olive Leaf Complex is available as a liquid (£22.99 for 500ml) and a one-a-day capsule (90 for £25.99) from larger Boots, Holland & Barrett and all good pharmacies and health food stores. For further information call 0800 652 3468 or visit www.comvita.co.uk


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About Comvita Olive Leaf Complex

The Comvita olive tree grove is situated in Queensland, Australia. The selected trees are naturally farmed utilising deep spring water for irrigation and organic worm fertilisers. The extraction facility is located at the orchard ensuring fresh, live leaves are processed within minutes of being picked. This means Comvita Olive Leaf Complex has guaranteed polyphenolic levels – and in particular high Oleuropein levels. Other Olive Leaf products are made from dried, stored leaves – which lose much of their therapeutic properties. Comvita Olive Leaf Complex also carries the ‘Synergy 12’ label to signify the 12 key naturally occurring polyphenolic antioxidants it contains.




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