Shiseido launches first anti-ageing serum to grow younger skin cells


London: Shiseido, the Japanese luxury skincare company, has scored a first in skin care technology with the launch of a new anti-ageing serum that stimulated the skin to produce younger cells.

Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum, with a relatively cheap price tag of £82, for a top of the range cosmeceutical with proven scientific trials, launches in the UK on Saturday (27th February).

Already top stores such as Harrods are holding client lists waiting to be the first to try this innovative technology.

Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum contains two ingredients, together called Bio-Regenerist, which have been shown to promote the production of the skin’s fibroblasts by up to 27%.

Fibroblasts are cells in the epidermis (skin layers) which are responsible for producing the key constituents of firm and young skin including collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Shiseido is so confident that this new product works that it has not hesitated in declaring that it works right from day one – in trials on 222 women 100% said their skin felt more resilient – while 92% said they felt their wrinkles has been smoothed.

Shiseido’s approach in the development of this new serum was to look at recent developments in regenerative cosmetic medicine, in particular the use of epidermal growth factors (EGF) which cosmetic doctors extract from a patient’s blood serum and reinject into the face to encourage skin cell proliferation and rejuvenated, younger skin.

The serum’s two key ingredients, in the Bio-Regenerist complex are extracts from safflower and yeast, which stimulate an increase in EGF protein, which in turn signals the fibroblast cells to renew and proliferate.

As a result these younger cells are able to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – targetting wrinkles sagging, dullness and lack of radiance.

This new product is aimed at women (and men) aged 30+ when the skin first starts to deteriorate.

Shiseido Bio Performance also contains Rose Apple Leaf Extract an antioxidant to help the fibroblasts fight oxidative damage including sun; Super bio-Hyaluronic Acid N – a humectant and Super Plant Bio Exfoliant to natural resurfacing

On sale from 27 February it costs £82 for 30ml. For stockist information call 0207 313 4774.

Results before and after one week of use

Results before and after three weeks of use