Living DNA – find out where you really came from!

Living DNA is a personal DNA service, designed to help people understand more about themselves and where they came from in unparalleled detail.

A sample is collected from inside the mouth using a swab and the DNA analysed against various DNA databases of historical population groups to track down your ancestry.

From the ability to break down your ancestry across 80 worldwide regions, making it useful for everyone no matter which countries your ancestors are from, to breaking down British ancestry among 21 regions, the power of a Living DNA ancestry test is like nothing else.


The Living DNA test costs £120 and is a popular gift

But that is only the beginning, as new discoveries are made we update your results offering you ongoing insights over time.

Living DNA is only able to establish the percentage similarity of your DNA to the population samples available in its reference dataset. With regards to historical population groups, such as the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, it can make inferences based on what present-day populations your DNA ends up being similar to, and this is included the text of your results.

This test which costs £120 may also be given as a gift. Find out more here