The Miracle of Lemons by Dr Penny Stanway



Paperback £6.99

Lemons have been hailed as a superfood, an effective natural remedy and an invaluable multi-purpose household cleanser and freshener. Dr Penny Stanway’s well-researched and authoritative little book debunks the myths and reveals which health claims are backed by evidence based research and which are not, whether lemons deserve their cult status as a panacea and just how much they can improve your diet and well-being.
As well as expounding the health-giving and practical properties of lemons, the author provides an A-Z section of ailments that can respond to lemons – each entry outlines possible causes of the ailment, discusses how lemons can help, and suggests how to use them as a remedy.
She gives lemon-containing recipes that will help care for, beautify and scent your skin and hair, and room-by-room ideas for using lemons to keep your home fresh, clean, fragrant and sparkling.
There are also inspiring and delicious recipes for using lemons – they add a touch of magic to the simplest snack and to sweet or savoury dishes.
There are also instructions on how to grow lemons indoors in a greenhouse, and outside in a warm climate; how to choose which variety of lemons to grow; and how best to store them.
Dr Penny Stanway practiced as a GP and a child-health doctor.  She has written over 20 books on health, food, and the connection between the two.