Warning – Coty’s Lancaster Tan Maximizer stains everything and you can’t remove most of it!

On the plane back from a recent holiday in Marrakesh – and likely the last of the summer as it was in September – I was pleased to see in the Easyjet onboard store a Tan Maximizer by Lancaster (Coty). It cost £22 which is £7 cheaper than it is in Selfridges for example.

I also noted that it claimed to be an aftersun moisturiser with no mention of any ingredient that morphed into something brown and streaky. It would not turn me orange and leave stains on my lingerie, clothes, bed linen and furniture – but I was wrong. There is absolutely no warning on the 125ml squeezy bottle and/or packaging about any potential to stain and damage…It merely claims or gives the impression that it is an after-sun moisturiser with the ability to prolong a tan by conditioning the skin.

The build up of the stain was subtle…and happened over a period of weeks. But it has left my expensive ivory leather sofa tinged with a Flamingo pink from contact with my legs. It has also stained my bed linen, my lingerie ….and also my bathroom toilet seat. The latter is the only one I have been able to remove the colour because I was able to use bleach. But this stuff is still coming off even though I have not used this product for weeks since noticing this problem.

This is not a new product and I am not sure how long it has been around but someone must have tested it? Did no one notice that this cream stains? At least with a warning you have the choice to buy it or not and also to take action to protect clothing and furniture….