Elixir tests JuvĂ©derm® ULTRA SMILE – the lip rejuvenator

Beautiful lips – that is lips with subtle volume always make a face look attractive. But in the past cosmetic procedures, using different types of fillers, have been hit and miss with some products in the early days that were totally unsuitable.


Botox innovator Allergen launched the lip enhancer, JuvĂ©derm® ULTRA SMILE two years’ ago and the results continue to impress. This product is the first hyaluronic acid dermal lip filler to contain a local anesthetic called lidocaine.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance within the skin, which amongst other things, hydrates the skin and adds volume, contributing to the overall smooth appearance by enabling the skin to retain water and absorb more than 1,000 times its weight. The hyaluronic acid in this filler is formulated in a lab.

Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE has received European regulatory approval and has a CE mark following clinical trials at 13 clinics across the UK. The trial enrolled 57 patients requesting aesthetic treatment for lip definition and enhancement. Patients were treated with Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE for a variety of reasons including top and/or bottom lip definition, top and/or bottom lip fullness, and to treat the corners of the mouth.

Importantly, 96 percent of patients treated felt Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE gave natural looking results, and 98 percent said they would recommend the product to a friend.


ELIXIR has tested the claims made for this product. Our guinea-pig, a 58-year-old went along to try it at the clinic of Dr Tracy Mountford in London’s Harley Street.

Dr Mountford is a meticulous practitioner – ensuring first and foremost that you know exactly what the treatment involves and also insists on a detailed health questionnaire.

JuvĂ©derm® ULTRA SMILE is about subtle enhancement – a treatment philosophy espoused by Dr Mountford – so our tester was confident she would not come out looking like Daffy Duck or certain celebrities.

The treatment itself takes around 15 minutes with injections using a fine needle at strategic points on the lip to bring out a subtle fullness. The lidocaine does not completely eleminate the pain but makes it less painful overall so that the doctor can work more precisely.

Our lady had about 8-10 injections – one phial of JuvĂ©derm® ULTRA SMILE. Dr Mountford also recommended tiny injections at the corner of the mouth to give the lips a more positive unturned look.

At the end of the treatment there was minimal swelling and the subtle enhancement our tester had hoped for. Importantly there were no lumps, bumps – a completely natural look…

“I was pleasantly surprised. I have had one previous experience of lip fillers and mine swelled up enormously, although they went down later. This time there was virtually no swelling and I was very pleased with the result – younger looking lips which don’t look as if I have had any work done. A fantastic result and I would definitely have it done again.”

Our tester gave this treatment 9/10

JuvĂ©derm® ULTRA SMILE costs between ÂŁ200 and ÂŁ400 and lasts longer than most others – up to one year.

Contact: Dr Tracy Mountford www.cosmeticskinclinic.com






Compare the subtle enhancement above with these celebrity disasters:

Lesley Ash

Melanie Griffiths

Pete Burns

More information on JuvĂ©derm® ULTRA SMILE and information on finding a qualified practitioner visit www.juvedermultra.co.uk

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Dr Tracy Mountford – Non Surgical Cosmetics – London & Buckinghamshire


Dr Tracy Mountford is the Medical Director of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and has over 20 years experience in facial rejuvenation techniques.

Having qualified in London in 1985 she initially worked as an anaesthetist before training as a Cosmetic Medical Practitioner.

She has full registration with the GMC (no 3085451) and MPS, and is a founder member of the BACD (British Association of Cosmetic Doctors).

Dr Mountford is highly regarded by her peers and is considered a key opinion leader in the ever expanding field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

She is often quoted in the national media including: The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Tatler, Grazia, Woman & Home, & Woman’s Own to name but a few. She also regularly appears on television including – BBC Breakfast, GMTV, ITV ‘This Morning’, 10 Years Younger: The Challenge, UK Living’s ‘The Truth About Beauty’, & carried out many radio interviews which have been broadcast throughout the country. She is frequently asked to present at conferences & workshops at key industry events across the UK.
More about her clinic at www.cosmeticskinclinic.com T: + 44(0)1753 646 660

Cosmetic surgery more popular in UK than anywhere in Europe


London: 1,500 cosmetic treatments are carried out in Britain every day by women and men aspiring to a new notion of beauty

577,000 cosmetic operations and treatments were carried out in Britain in 2007. Cosmetic fillers and other non-invasive treatments have had the biggest increases, accounting for 472,000 of the total -that’s nearly 1,300 a day.

As non-invasive procedures like cosmetic fillers start to make injections a gentler experience, many women are simply thinking ‘why not?’ The UK launch of JuvĂ©derm® ULTRA range, the first cosmetic filler with anaesthetic, heralds things to come as for many people, the idea of being injected was the one thing holding them back.

Yet it is not just medical progress that is the catalyst for the increase in cosmetic treatments. An international study confirms that women are attempting to capture a new notion of beauty. The global survey, commissioned by Allergan, revealed that women do not want to remove all traces of aging and look ‘perfect’, choosing instead to reduce some specific wrinkles, like frown lines. It also found that UK women are literally under the most pressure in the world to look good. 59% felt there is increasingly more pressure on them to look more attractive compared to 48% of US women and 30% of traditionally glamorous Italians.

The ever-growing pressure on women to meet all expectations while looking effortlessly, naturally beautiful means the beauty ideal is no longer defined by the need to look perfect. That’s why stars with ‘natural’ beauty like Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman have topped the ‘natural look’ list for both men and women. In fact anti-aging creams are now something that 1 in 10 men in the UK would consider as part of their grooming routine.

For more information on Juvéderm® visit www.allerganbeauty.co.uk