Nephria – the world’s most expensive beauty bar


London :Nephria is the world’s most expensive and extravagant beauty bar, because it is made with real Jade.

Its unique ingredients, including nephrite (jade powder), together with pure oils from the apricot, olive and jojoba cleanses, revitalises, rejuvenates and reinvigorates the complexion. The Nephria Jade Beauty Bar contains jade which is mined from a special seam in South Korea, which has unique healing properties.

This particular jade emits what is known as “far-infrared rays (FIR)” which are similar to the radiant and warming electromagnetic rays of the sun. The human body absorbs FIR as it penetrates deep into the tissue where it transforms from light energy into heat energy, assisting the skin in expelling harmful toxins and metabolic waste. This improves blood circulation and the regeneration of cellular tissue. The FIR rays in the jade have been captured by infrared scanning (as shown on As well as outstanding moisturising properties, it also has the ability to remove toxins from the skin. Other benefits of daily cleansing with The

Nephria Jade Beauty Bar are: i. it revives the skin colour of the face giving a fresher complexion ii. it improves the skin’s moisture and lipid balance, maintaining skinelasticity and firmness iii. it improves skin health and has a calming effect on various skinproblems such as inflammation and acne. Jade is highly prized in many historic and regal cultures and the beauty bar has the soft, sophisticated lustre of “Imperial Jade.” It comes beautifully packaged in a jade and gold coloured box with the bar sealed inside a jade wrapper. The Nephria Jade Beauty Bar is the discovery of Charlotte Newbert, who found it on her travels in the Far East and brought it back to Hampshire.

She was so enthused by what she found that she created her own company,
Newbert Revolution, to bring the product to the market.

Charlotte said: “There is absolutely nothing like this on the market. It is expensive because it contains real jade and it lasts longer than most beauty bars and its rejuvenating properties are remarkable. The Nephria Jade Beauty Bar is totally unique and bespoke and only available to buy at www.newbertrevolution.comIt costs $34 (£17.63, Euro 27) for 120g.

During the run up to Christmas the company is offering free packing and postage within the U.K. For more information contact: Charlotte Newbert on 02392 504755 or 07791 249451 or at

About Charlotte Newbert and Newbert Revolution Ltd

Charlotte is a Director of Newbert Revolution Ltd. The Company was set up in December 2005 to bring innovative and bespoke products to the market.
The company has a unique range of other jade products including moisturisers, serums and body lotions, which will be widely available in spring 2007.