Tatu Cutillas – lifestyle therapist UK

Tatu Cutillas www.tatucutillas.com is one of the UKÂ’s leading therapists. She is a specialist in personal change and has been trained by experts around the world in a variety of disciplines. Tatu is a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy. She is also a Master Hypnotist and a Qualified Addictions Psychotherapist. Tatu has worked in therapy for over twenty years and runs her own private practice in Chelsea. She treats a range of individuals from across Europe, from home makers to business people to those in the creative arts. She has also worked at the renowned Priory Clinic in Roehampton, where she has also treated some celebrities.

Tatu has a degree in International Law and practised International Private Law prior to following her passion for therapy. She is a member of The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), The American Board of Hypnotherapy, NAADAC, the Eating Disorder Association, and The Time Line Therapy Association.

Tatu works resolving a wide variety of issues, such as addictions, traumas and behavioural problems. She specialises in Personal Breakthroughs. She deletes negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt that people often harbour unnecessarily.

Tatu has a unique approach. She has an extraordinary degree of success with clients, many resolving life long issues such as limiting thinking, limiting decisions and beliefs, and phobias, within a matter of hours.

She also empowers patients to deal with addictions and other behaviours that are unsupportive to themselves, through using an array of highly effective techniques including Hypnosis, Eye Movement Trauma Therapy, Time Line Therapy™ and Neuro Linguistic Programming.* These sorts of therapies sometimes require weekly treatment:

“Few practitioners nowadays seem to treat people as a full package. Life coaches, for example, will tell their client to forget the past and to simply focus on securing future goals. Some therapists become so engrossed in their client’s past that they are then unable to free themselves for a healthy future. What is important is for an individual to become balanced and healthy, on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. I assume the roles of both the mother and the father when working with clients. This realistic approach uses the role of the mother to address the emotional and often wounded side of the client. The role of the father then focuses on success, drive, motivation, performance and goals. In exercising these roles, a balance is reached that results in outstanding achievements and success.

In order to work most effectively as an individual and achieve your maximum potential it is important you clean out all the rubbish that is holding you back and create space to let the real you emerge and be empowered. Physical health is not enough. Although diet and exercise creates a healthy lifestyle, an individualÂ’s emotional health is just as important if not more so. A balance in a personÂ’s being on all four levels, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical, has to be established in order for the individual to be complete and whole. I eliminate the blocks and limiting beliefs to create more energy within a personÂ’

Tatu Cutillas, Master Practitioner and Therapist

Examples of conditions that can be treated are; Personal Breakthroughs (enhancing both performances and results in specific areas like sports, career, relationships, couples communication etc), Phobias, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Depression (including Post Natal), Lack of Motivation & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Career Blocks, Smoking Addiction, Bipolar Affective Disorders (manic and depressive states), Eating disorders, Change of Life Issues, Marital & Family Therapy, Adolescent & Parenting Issues, Alternative Lifestyle Issues, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Psychosomatic Disorders. Tatu is also a professional Life Coach.

As well as traditional therapy and counselling Tatu Cutillas offers the following therapies:

Hypnosis. Unlike conventional therapy that can be lengthy and only allows people to vent their anger by talking their problems through, Tatu uses hypnosis to address issues and process emotions. Hypnosis opens the mind, so that perceptions can be altered. By motivating the person and stimulating change, the process of using hypnosis as a form of therapy means the treatment is very fast.

Eye Movement Trauma Therapy (EMTT). This is particularly effective to help Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The brain naturally processes thoughts and feelings when a person sleeps (REM Rapid Eye Movement) The eyes track that movement until a thought or feeling comes to mind. When the brain fails to successfully process a trauma however, it gets stuck in the Central Nervous system. This results in the body thinking the individual in still constantly in danger and so that individual becomes unbalanced on many levels. EMTT facilitates the processing of information, reframing memories in a more useful and effective way, re-training the brain to use the eyes to track thoughts and emotions.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This technique uses pragmatic models to quantify how we process information, how we structure our thoughts and how these thoughts affect our behaviour. NLP allows individuals to tap into this, transforming, adapting or releasing negative beliefs into strong positive behaviours. NLP is particularly useful for business men and women, creating positive mental states. This is particularly useful for business people creating positive mental states conducive to outstandingly successful behaviours.

Time Line Therapy™ is a sub branch of NLP. An individual’s Time Line is the location in which all memories are stored unconsciously. Time line Therapy™ allows the client to work at the unconscious level enabling the to organise and differentiate between past memories and future projection. This technique allows individuals to have true choice (as opposed to being driven by compulsions and emotions) in their life and delete the barriers and limiting decisions in order to achieve what they want and what they need.

Personal Breakthroughs. A breakthrough session combines the techniques of Hypnosis, EMTT, NLP and Time Line Therapy™. Using Detailed Personal History (DPH) NLP language patterns are integrated to help the client discover the true unconscious root cause of the problem or situation. From here Hypnosis, EMTT and Time Line Therapy™ are used to release negative emotions and behaviours unearthed in the client’s unconscious. With the past cleared and the client’s motivation geared 100% to the future, Time Line Therapy™ is used to create simple, realistic, achievable goals and place these in the client’s future memories. The length of Breakthrough sessions depends very much on the individual and their situation. This can be achieved within a few hours.