Short bursts of exercise as good as full workouts

Short bursts of exercise, such as climbing stairs, is just as beneficial as a regular workout, according to new US research.
Co-author of the report, Professor Brad Cardinal, of Oregon State University, said that some everyday chores can all add up to a 30 minute workout and is a more natural way to exercise.
Included is light exercises, such as simply walking around while talking on the phone, which help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
The researchers found that 43 per cent of those who did light exercise -including everyday chores that take a minute or two each – met government physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes per day, compared with less than 10 per cent of those who worked out.
Professor Cardinal added: ‘People get it in their minds that if they don’t get 30 minutes they might as well not exercise at all.
“You will always be presented with things that entice you to sit or be less active – such as using a leaf blower instead of a rake.  But making physical activity a way of  life is more cost-effective than an expensive gym membership.You’ll be healthier, more mobile and just feel better all round.”
Prof Cardinal said instead of driving half a mile, people should try biking or walking the same distance, and even doing pushups while watching TV.
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Happy and healthy homes

BubblyKitchenPowder [320x200].jpgSome of the ingredients in cleaning products can be as harmful to your family as the little bacterial beasties you are trying to banish.

Research has proven that high levels of toxins found in breast milk and blood can clearly be traced back to home cleaning products. If you have ever experienced your eyes, nose, head, skin or lungs feeling the effect of harsh chemical while you clean, it is definitely time to change to a safer and healthier alternative.

Two ranges of environmentally and family friendly household products have recently caught our attention;

Organic at heart

All Organic at Heart cleaning products are:

* made from 100% biodegradable formulas
* effective cleaning products
* 100% recyclable and/or decompostable
* full of gorgeous aromas to leave your home smelling great
* made with traditional ingredients eg vinegar and lemon
* free from toxic residues
* 100% safe with essential oils for family wellbeing
* environmentally aware and supporting ethical trade

Check out their new BUBBLY KITCHEN POWDER with sparkly organic orange. Containing absolutely no nasties and packed in a 100% decompostable waterproof bag, it’s a must for all healthy kitchens. Use it for washing up, surface cleaning, carpet freshening, deodorising and much more.


Like Organic at Heart, Method use plant ingredients for their cleaning products. They have a full range of cleaning products for every eventuality and are passionate about the environment. Their philosophy means they are completely committed to happy and healthy lifestyles and sustainability. Their range includes;

* all purpose products
* speciality products for granite, wood, glass, steel and leather – the wood wipes and sprays are especially yummy and make your rooms smell of almond
* a full bathroom range including the super handy all-surface wipes which are flushable                                                                                                                                                          * There is also a full range for your clothes, body and precious items (your kids!)

Method products are available in most supermarkets, even B&Q (!); for more info check out their website


Most women struggle to be domestic goddesses – Persil reveals


In 100 years, women have gone from drudgery to equality in many areas of their lives. But how much has really changed?

Just 100 years ago women had little social freedom, fewer rights and our place was very much in the home. Since then we have been reaping the benefits of huge social changes, and today it seems fair to say we’ve have never had it so good. Or have we? A major new study of 21st century women of every generation shows that perhaps not everything has changed for the better.

Busy, versatile, confident, multi-skilled: that’s how we define ourselves as ‘modern women’, according to the report, published by Persil to commemorate its centenary. Three quarters of us agree that the introduction of automatic labour saving devices such as washing machines has lifted the burden of domesticity in the past 100 years, allowing us to be more versatile and six in ten of us think we enjoy greater freedom than our mums and grans.

It all sounds good until you consider the point that technology rather than our other halves have kept pace with the necessary changes in our lives. The research found that whether we work or not, four in ten of our husbands or partners still do less than half of the housework and one in ten don’t do any at all. That said, it is a lot better now than even fifty years ago; if you spoke to the older generations in your family, I bet they’d tell you, that at least your man knows where the washing machine is!

The research also revealed, somewhat surprisingly, that many of us wish we possessed better domestic skills, like our mothers, with over half of women in their 20s yearning to be better at sewing (56 per cent), forty percent wishing they had better skills in the kitchen and thirty seven per cent wanting to be better at cleaning.

We are yearning to embrace a new modern domesticity but feel hamstrung in part by the current economic climate. As we become increasingly attracted to spending time in the home like the poster girl for domesticity Nigella Lawson, one in four of us also say we regret our lack of traditional homemaking skills.

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to see just how far we have come and how women’s roles have changed in society as we journey from WWII to the swinging ’60s and beyond. 100 years worth celebrating.

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