INIKA launches new organic mineral make-up range in the UK


Inika is an Australian brand of mineral make-up which is certified organic, suitable for vegans and also those on a Halal diet and its new range is now available in the UK.

The brand was conceived by former Brit Amanda Bond and Jenni Williams when they realised there was a gap in the market for a mineral range of cosmetic make-up that was not only ethical but also performed with great coverage and colours. It is also the only mineral range for coloured skin in Australia.

Amanda’s passion for her range was borne out of her own health issues (endometriosis) and fertility difficulties which she believes may have their roots in toxic chemicals in our environments.

Inika, she says, is about creating “glamour that is good for you!”

The cosmetic market is awash with claims for its cream and potions, most of which is unsubstantiated by science – the consumer is also confused by the descriptions for products such as “organic”, “natural”, “certified organic” since there is no umbrella body regulating these products worldwide. Different classifications have different criteria for the amounts of ingredients which should be “organic” to receive their stamp of approval. This means that some “organic and natural” products have very little of the specific ingredients and may also contain many of the ingredients being shown to be harmful or potentially harmful such as harsh chemicals, fillers, talk, bismuth oxychloride, GM ingredients, parabens, presevatives, mineral oils, phthalates and fragrances.

Stella McCartney is a fan of Inika which contains 100% certified organic, vegan or both – even the lipsticks and glosses which are usually impossible to make without animal-sourced ingredients. All products are 100% certified cruelty free and produced ethically with care for the environment.

The ingredients include natural minerals and a host of antioxidant ingredients such as natural oils for the pomegranate, Aloe Vera.

Inika has recently rebranded its range with new black and gold packaging and new products including a mineral foundation packed with antioxidants – so its also a treatment as well as a cosmetic. Inika contains a comprehensive range of products from primers to powder foundations, pencils and bronzers with prices starting at around £11.

Its available in selected salons..For more information Contact Inika Australia T: 61 2 4283 1043 and UK T: + 44(0)203 178 6090

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