Married women have hairier legs


London: Hairy legs are a top priority for British women – except if they are married, according to a new survey.

Four out of five of those surveyed admitted that having hairy legs made them feel uncomfortable, unfeminine and unsexy; while 43% revealed that their relationship status affected how much care and attention they showed their pins. And for all those singletons out there, a quarter of you wouldn’t consider bringing anyone home if you didn’t have gorgeously smooth skin.

But it seems hair removal isn’t a priority once you’re married, with 21% of you admitting that you’re not concerned with having smooth pins after you’ve tied the knot.

Hair removal experts Nair surveyed almost 1,300 people across the UK in a bid to find out about the nation’s attitude to hair removal[1].

The survey also revealed that almost half of 16-24 year olds would like some star treatment with a beauty therapist on speed dial. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us we can’t afford this extravagance.

So Nair has come to the rescue with the Nair Leg Technicians Consultation, a free online service giving you all the information you need to get your legs in tip-top shape. This simple-to-use free online questionnaire supplies you with professional advice tailored to meet your needs, recommending the ideal product for you. And if your query can’t be answered on the site, you can email an expert Leg Technician and they’ll get back to you within seven working days. This free service is available at It’s a great way to handle any hairy nightmares!

Expert beauty therapist and Nair’s Chief Leg Technician Heidi Edwards says:
“To get sexy, smooth legs this summer get yourself into a routine of moisturising and exfoliating. A spot of exercise helps too! And to remove leg hair, use a wax or a cream-based product that is designed to care for your skin. Nair has a great range of hair removal products, featuring both waxes and creams, to comfortably remove the hair, while moisturising and protecting.”

Whatever your needs, Nair has a hair removal product to suit you and your lifestyle. This summer, Nair has launched four great new products:

Soothing Wax Kit (rrp £5.99 for 32 strips) for waxing without the “ouch:

Shower Power (rrp £5.69, Boots only) great for morning-time speedy hair removal

Tahitian Gardenia Easy Wax Microwave (rrp £7.99) brilliant for long lasting results

Pretty Peach Cream (rrp £4.49) perfect for your first foray into home hair removal:

All Nair products are specially formulated by the experts and are dermatologically tested to ensure that they respect your skin.

NB: with all hair removal products, make sure you do a patch test 24 hours before use and follow the instructions, and with any microwave heated product make sure you follow the on-pack instructions correctly.


[1] Total Survey Sample Base: 1282. Survey conducted by Opinion Matters: 23.06.2008 – 27.06.2008