A change is as good as a rest – especially where exercise is concerned!

In pursuit of the body beautiful I go to visit fitness guru Melissa Crosby at the Kinesis Studios just off Ladbrooke Grove in London

In her light airy studio she has all kinds of interesting fitness devices which are used to combine Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga and general fitness for an ‘inter-displinary’ approach to keeping in shape.


The lovely Melissa (pictured above) believes that movement should feel good. So I take her at her word and sample a Gyrotonic class.I seem to recall reading that Madonna does this – but she probably has the whole kit at home.

Now Gyrotonic uses high-quality solid wooden benches and other paraphernalia, equipped with pulleys to support movement. It’s all about specific and smooth movements to stretch and unknot muscles and joints. I can see the rationale for this kind of exercise and the next day I feel it too particularly in my buttocks.

Melissa takes our class – there are only three of us since the instructors pay great attention to ensuring that everyone gets it right and that you don’t hurt yourself doing it!

Gyrotonic teaches movement that stretches and elongates the body- above

The way Melissa encourages you to work is entirely different from most forms of exercise I have experienced which are usually about cardio and calorie burning.

At Kinesis its more about taking a combined approach so you get to do a variety of things that target the problem areas (tums and bums) of the body such as Pilates.

And its not so easy even though you don’t work up a sweat when you are trying to turn both arms in a circle without moving the rest of your body.

You can try a lesson for free – more here at www.kinesis-studios.com