How to get rid of grotty grout in less than an hour

Currently, if your tiled wall or floor is stained you can either achieve some level of short term fix with a bleach-based cleaner, or spend a lot of time, money and effort re-grouting.

Either way the grout remains porous and will continue to attract stains. There are some alternative products on the market that can help get rid of unhealthy mould growth on tiles.


Before being treated with Grout Shield

Grout Shield is one such product that can clean, restore and seal grout and make your bathroom or kitchen tiles near new again. It also protects from further mould growth and its easy to do.


After treatment

Grout Shield Colour Seal is an acrylic resin containing a special sealant, which chemically bonds with existing grout to form a professional, durable and superior finish. It is easy to apply, significantly cheaper than re-grouting and offers on-going, sealed-in protection for up to 10 years. It comes in four colours (white, off white, beige and grey) so you can restore your original colour or change it.
This product can be used on the vast majority of indoor tiled surfaces, either man-made or natural stone and on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It works with any grout making it ideal for bathrooms, showers, toilets, kitchens, hallways.

The Grout Shield Restoration System contains enough product to do 10 square meters of 10cm x 10cm tiles (and 30sqm of 40cm x 40cm tiles) which is more than enough for a large shower cubicle, and would take an hour or so to complete. There’s no need to remove the old grout first and it will be completely dry and the bathroom/kitchen ready-to-use three hours after application.

New Grout Sheild Pack shot _2192 copy
Both products are environmentally friendly and safe around children and pets.Each pack contains 1 x Grout Shield Colour Seal, 1 x Pre-Cleaner, Brush, Chamois Cloth and Scraper tool. RSP: £24.99.  Buy from Lakeland, QVC, Wilkinson and on-line at