Greg Wise reveals what’s under his kilt at the London premiere of Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine is a fun film set in sunny Puglia in Southern Italy with great music from the 80s. So I was very lucky to receive an invite from the Italian tourist board to the London premiere in Leicester Square where I got to share the red carpet with the stars including Greg Wise.

Walking on Sunshine

At the the screening Greg (he plays ageing lothario Doug), who was wearing a kilt was invited on stage and asked to reveal what he was wearing underneath – so I can exclusively reveal that he was wearing a pair of union jack boxers! Sadly I was unable to capture the moment on film.

Greg Wise in Walking on Sunshine

Greg Wise as the hot bounder Doug

For anyone who has never been to Puglia, the film shows the beauty of the beaches, countryside and architecture of the region. The ancient olives, the typical stone walls and tiny country roads. Much of the filming took place in the city of Lecce around the cathedral.

The story, like Mama Mia, is set around a love triangle – the main male love interest is little-known, in the UK at least, Italian actor Giulio Berrati (pictured below). But I suspect he will soon get a large female following…especially after the beach scene!

Walking on Sunshine actor Giulio Berruti

Giulio Berruti as Raf

To get a flavour of this movie watch the trailer below: And to find out more about magical Puglia