Joint pain relief with new Ostex


London: With all the sporting action this summer many of us might feel the urge to get on our feet and have a go ourselves. But whether it’s kicking a football around the garden, improving our racquet skills or even jogging round the block – the aches and pains we feel afterwards come home to roost as the joints in our poor old arms, legs and backs suffer from weeks or even months of underuse.

But achy joints are no excuse, because Ostex, a natural supplement is all you need to help flex your joints and keep them soft and supple after exercise. Derived entirely from natural sources, Ostex is a premium glucosamine sulphate supplement designed specifically to promote joint health and reduce pain. Glucosamine is naturally produced in the body from a sugar (glucose) and an amino acid (glutamine) to form an integral constituent in the structure of cartilage, tendons and ligaments, which are consistently being regenerated in the body.

Glucosamine is essential for the production of new cartilage and synthesis of the joint’s oil (synovial fluid), helping to make it thicker and more cushioning. It strengthens the jelly-like centre of intervertebral discs and is also needed for healthy formation of nails, tendons, skin, eyes, bone, ligaments and mucous membranes. Supplementing with glucosamine is considered to be highly beneficial in helping to protect the joints and give pain relief because larger quantities are needed by the body when damaged joints are healing and, as production of glucosamine is normally a slow process, it is often in short supply.

Glucosamine works in a very different way to other pain relievers typically taken by sufferers of aching joints. While the usual anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen mask the pain, Ostex works on overall joint health, helping to improve the flexibility of joints thereby reducing the initial inflammation and associated joint pain. Ostex glucosamine also rebuilds lost cartilage to help reverse some of the damage suffered as a result of general wear and tear on the body.

In addition to its healing properties, Ostex offers the most effective dosage in two tablets – 1500mg, the same amount used in all of the clinical trials 2. So for people who wish to care for their joints, supplement with Ostex, a convenient and readily absorbed form of Glucosamine Sulphate.

Ostex Glucosamine Sulphate is available at all good pharmacies, competitively priced at £8.49 for 60 x 750mg tablets and is the only branded glucosamine available on prescription from your doctor.

For those people who want something extra with their glucosamine supplement, try Flexeze – glucosamine plus chondroitin.

Chondroitin sulphate is closely related to glucosamine. While glucosamine supplies the basics for making structural substances known as glycosaminoglycans in joints, lubricating them and acting as a shock absorber and nutrient transport system, chondroitin sulphate inhibits enzymes that break down cartilage, while stimulating those involved in the production of structural substances such as proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans and collagen. Chondroitin sulphate helps to raise blood levels of hyaluronan, a sticky gel that cements joint tissues together.

Flexeze is also available from pharmacies at £8.68 for 60 tablets (820mg glucosamine and 200mg chondroitin plus vitamin C and calcium) or on prescription from your doctor.