Actor George Hamilton reveals his plan to live to 120!

George Hamilton

George Hamilton’s long career began in 1952 when he was only 13 years old and continues today. Noteworthy films include Where the Boys Are, as a vampire in Love Bites, and as the Corleone family lawyer in The Godfather, Part III.

He has had a lifelong interest in health and takes numerous supplements, believes in calorie restriction and medication.
At the age of 75 and father to two sons, Ashley, 38 from his marriage to Alana Collins, and George Thomas, 14, from a relationship with Kimberly Blackford, he says he is planning to live to the age of 120.

He has two new projects in the pipeline, a documentary and a fictionalized version of the life of his close friend photo-journalist Sean Flynn, son of swashbuckling film star Errol Flynn. He adds, “My life has been blessed.”

“I may win by default,” jokes Hamilton.“There may not be any other actors around and I may get the role. Most of the guys I know flame out around this period or earlier. They don’t look good, they don’t feel good, and they close up shop. But I listen to myself and do physically what I know is necessary to make everything work.

“My life is wonderful,” he says in conclusion. “I’m really delighted.”

Hamilton’s list of supplements is very long, including some taken daily and others as needed when there is a specific problem that needs short-term treatment. His regular supplements include vitamins E, C, A, D, B12, B6, B complex with minerals, rutin, folic acid, selenium, zinc, TMG, CoQ10, fish oil, flaxseed, and melatonin.

In the past he suffered partial deafness after losing the hearing in his left ear as a result of childhood measles, (even though his doctor grandfather gave him penicillin). At 40, Hamilton was informed by a traditional doctor that he had damaged his auditory nerve and would not hear in that ear again.

But a visit to the famous La Prairie anti-ageing clinique in Switzerland helped partially cure this problem. He was given 11 syringes of an early form of organ-specific stem cells and a month later, his hearing improved and today, Hamilton has 95% hearing in this ear.

Hamilton mentions that when he was at Dr. Niehans’ cellular therapy clinic at La Praire, a number of well-known people were also being treated, adding strength to his belief that alternative medicine, in the right hands, may often work where traditional medicine fails.

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