10 tips to avoid swine flu


Cases of swine flu in the UK have just doubled and the reality is that it will be coming to an office, school or home near you. However, as with any flu, there are some very sensible steps you can take to make sure that you don’t get ill in the first place – or if you do, you don’t get hit too badly.

1. Stay healthy – Eat well, sleep well and stay hydrated. Avoid excessive stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

2. Boost your immune system – Take supplements that are proven immune boosters. Don’t wait to get ill, protect yourself with Immulina – the latest and most powerful natural immune booster on the market with respect to macrophage activation. Available at www.h1n1help.co.uk and by telephone 020 7720 8338.

3. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” – Maintain cleanliness, carry disinfectant for your hands and remember not to touch your face.

4. A clean environment is as good as a clean person – The H1N1 virus can be passed from person to person by coughing or sneezing but it can also be passed by touching and an object, such as a door handle, which has the virus on it. Clean hard surfaces frequently using a normal cleaning product.

5. Avoid people who are infected – This does not mean you need to get out the gas mask every time somebody sneezes but if somebody you know is infected you can help them without getting yourself ill.

6. Settle down while the virus is at its peak – Avoid excessive exposure to clubs and bars and other places where drinking and/or smoking weaken your immune system and expose you to greater risk of infection.

7. Plan ahead – Stay away from public transport as much as possible and avoid unnecessary travel, especially during rush hours!

8. Keep your office and home well ventilated – This will minimise exposure to airborne viruses that may be coming from workmates/family.

9. Tell them not to be a hero – Persuade ill colleagues to stay at home if they suspect they are infected as coming in could see the whole office out of action.

10.Put social graces aside – Do the dainty ‘air kiss’ greeting instead and make sure you have antibacterial gel nearby if you need to shake hands