World’s heaviest man now weights only 50 stone


New York: Manuel Uribe, a 42-year-old Mexican, who is officially the world’s heaviest man, has lost half of his body weight – 40 stone – on a high protein diet.

Ex- mechanic, Uribe, who weighed 89.8 stone after a 14-year junk food binge, has been bedridden for six years. As a result he suffered lesions and bed sores.

The dramatic loss in weight took place over two years and he is now determined to reach his target weight of 15.7 stone.

Originally he had planned to have gastric bypass surgery but instead went on the high protein Zone Diet with the help of US biochemist Dr Barry Sears.

Manuel, who lives in Moterrey, Mexico, with his fiancée Claudia Solis Miranda and his mother Orilia, started dieting after a tearful TV appeal two years ago where he begged viewers to save his life.

Although over-eating was a contributory factor in Manuel’s weight gain, doctors believe it is mainly down to hormone imbalance.