Most women ignorant of risk of body lotions & potions – new survey


London: A UK health investigation has revealed that 60% of women still don’t examine the contents of their personal care products despite continued warnings about the health risks associated with the ingredients.

Over three thousand women were quizzed by Bionsen about their knowledge of the potential dangers linked with common ingredients such as parabens and aluminium. The results showed that a massive 70% of women are unaware of the risks and don’t fully understand the links that have been made with breast cancer.

As a result, the deodorant brand has been instrumental in launch of a new web site to explain the scientific research behind both sides of the debate:

Brand manager Lisa Cattell said: “We funded the site to help women achieve a better understanding of what the experts say and then make their own decision about whether they want to continue using products containing aluminium and parabens.

“Rather than sifting through endless newspaper cuttings and confusing research results, we have drilled down to the facts in an attempt to make things clearer and feedback so far has been great.

“We’ve had lots of women sharing their own personal experiences and a poll of the first 100 visitors to the site revealed that the majority of women do believe that parabens and aluminium and linked to cancer.”

The looks at why the links have been established, what the experts say and recommend as well as a blog in which new pieces of information will be added as they come to light.

The site also contains a white paper on the subject, which can be downloaded and kept for reference alongside an area where viewers can leave their own thoughts, experiences and feedback.