Czech longevity increases


Life expectancy for Czechs is 2.4 months longer than in 2006, being 73.7 years for men and 79.9 years for women, according to the data of the Czech Statistical Office (CSU).

Life expectancy is now 5.6 years and 4.5 years longer for men and women, respectively, than in November 1989.

Men and women who now celebrate their 60th birthday can, on average, live up to the age of 78 years and 82 years, respectively.

People live markedly longer than a century ago. In 1920, life expectancy was 47.1 and 49.6 for then male and female inhabitants of then Czechoslovakia.

International institutions call on individual countries to adjust their pension and health systems to longer life expectancy and ageing.

The Czech government has been preparing a pension reform and within its first stage it plans to increase retirement age to 65.