ROC celebrates 50 innovate years with new products for 2007


London: Next year marks the 50th anniversary of RoC, the anti-ageing skincare experts. It is launching a whole new range of products including the Complete Lift range pictured.

From its beginnings in a Parisian pharmacy to its present position as one of the leading anti-ageing skincare brands in the UK, RoCÂ’s achievements have shaped the anti-ageing industry that we now know today. RoCÂ’s strong scientific heritage and reputation as an industry pioneer has seen many innovations since 1957Â….

In 1957 the RoC Company was founded by pharmacist Jean-Charles Lissarrague, who developed the first non-perfumed formula at the request of dermatologists who wanted to recommend safe and non-irritating products.

The name RoC is an abbreviation of the name of the pharmacy where Lissarague first developed the range – The ‘RogĂ© Cavailles pharmacy. Here, Mr. Lissarrague created bespoke prescriptions for women who suffered specific skin complaints. It was here that RoC developed the very first total sun block to protect against UVA and UVB rays – RoC Ecran Total (RoC Total Shield) and started a revolution in sun protection.

RoC products were also used throughout Paris theatre land specifically for actors and actresses who were unable to tolerate the heavy creams and harsh stage make-up

The concept of perfume-free formulas designed to minimize the risk of allergies (hypoallergenic) was originated by Jean Charles Lissarague, the founder of RoC.

In the 60s, as the RoC brand became more established, the RoC “commandments” were created for developing cosmetics to ensure simple, pure formulas:
 strict selection of all ingredients
 manufacture and quality control in accordance with pharmaceutical industry standards
 rigorous lab and hospital testing to ensure optimal tolerance and maximal efficacy
 non comedogenic tests
 specially designed packaging for optimal product preservation

In the 70s RoC introduced hypoallergenic make-up that helped strengthen the
skinÂ’s natural defences whilst improving skin tone and radiance. RoCÂ’s make up
included products such as pressed powder, moisturising tinted day cream, loose
face powder and moisturising cream foundation.

In the 1980s RoC launched its Myosphere range, the very first skin-care range to include Liposomes and Peptides, a massive breakthrough in what skincare technology was available at that time.

RoCÂ’s Myosphere range was the first time that Liposomes had been used in a pharmacy environment, easily accessible to consumers. The range included three exclusive ingredients:

 Myopeptides: patented nutrients which help cell regeneration
 Liposomes: microscopic ‘carriersÂ’ to take the active ingredients where they are needed
 Hydrogel: combined with liposomes, it effectively fights dehydration

RoCÂ’s patented peptide extract was proven to inhibit cell nutritional deficit and stimulate proteins synthesis.

In 1995, RoC was the first brand to stabilise and patent Vitamin A in its pure and active form (retinol) and remains the only skin-care brand that produces cosmetic products that contain this concentration of retinol (0.1%).

The first RoC range to include Retinol was Retinol Actif Pur, in 1996. Then, in 1998, RoC launched Retinol Concentré Pur, which introduced twice as much Retinol, for deeper and better efficacy against wrinkles.

In 1999, RoC Finally stablised Retinol with pure vitamin C and vitamin E, this resulted in a triple action against signs of ageing: wrinkles, dull tone and uneven texture.

In 1994 RoC was bought by Johnson & Johnson, the world’s leading health products group.

This decade was all about ‘Lifting’.

In 2005, RoC launched Protient® Fortify, a new range that contained DMAE. Licensed from Dr. Perricone, DMAE is proven to stimulate sagging tissues for a visible lifting effect.

RoCÂ’s patented technology of DMAE and minerals (magnesium, zinc and copper) penetrated the skin quickly to stimulate the fibroblastÂ’s renewal and to replenish the collagen synthesis.

In 2006, RoC Lifting offering was strengthened as they patented a key new ingredient THPE (Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine). This is a high-performing agent that works to combat sagging skin by re-tightening and firming. This new patented anti-sagging technology is proven to be effective on twice as many people as DMAE, and to be 4 times as effective as DMAE on sagging skin. This ingredient contracts the skinÂ’s surface by tightening the Keratynocytes (the epidermal skin cells) to lift and firm the skin. The new ingredient is found in RoCÂ’s most recent efficacious skin care range CompleteLift.

2007 and Beyond
• After building 50 years worth of firsts within the anti-ageing industry, Roc will continue to push the boundaries of skincare technologies into the future

• Going into the future, RoC will continue to push the boundaries of skincare and make progressive breakthroughs in skin care technologies

• After 50 years of groundbreaking skincare technology breakthroughs, RoC will continue to push the boundaries and present its consumers with efficacious anti-ageing skincare products into the future.