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The clocks have gone back and the darker winter days are here. A lack of sunshine, fatigue, stress and cold/flu symptoms are just a few of the common triggers for cold sores.

But many people don’t realise exposure to cold temperatures can re-activate the HSV-1 virus responsible for cold sores. Exposure to harsh weather or going from extreme temperatures such as a warm house to the cold outdoors may also trigger a cold sore outbreak.

While the virus itself can’t be cured, the amount of outbreaks can now finally be controlled with the launch of a pioneering new balm that’s available in Boots stores nationwide and online at

Herpatch Prevention Stick

Classified as a medical device, the Herpatch prevention stick is a moisturising balm that effectively helps to prevent cold sore blisters. Developed with Protective Nutritive Shield technology to block the triggers that could lead to a cold sore outbreak, the balm combines a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF30), Zinc, Aloe Vera, and other skin protectants to keep lips hydrated and safeguarded from an embarrassing blister occurring.

With its carefully selected ingredients, the Herpatch prevention stick literally provides a barrier to guard sensitive skin from the external factors that could spark a cold sore; including central heating, air conditioning, wind burn, and extreme weather conditions. The softening and moisturising action of the balm alsohelps to soothe skin during an outbreak, keeping the lesion moist to prevent cracking and reduce the occurrence of secondary infection.

In addition to this high SPF, Herpatch prevention stick contains several functional ingredients, such as Zinc, Aloe Vera, and other skin protectants, which will help to prevent recurrent Herpes labials (the medical name for oral herpes).

When applied regularly (the Herpatch prevention stick can be applied as frequently as necessary), the balm will effectively help to reduce the number of cold sore outbreaks. Handy to carry with you, Herpatch Cold Sore Prevention is an easy to use, fast and efficient treatment for the prevention of cold sores. Use in conjunction with Herpatch Cold Sore Serum during an outbreak for a complete cold sore-care regimen.
Herpatch Serum

Herpatch Serum+ is a clever white serum which forms a thin, transparent
film over the cold sore lesion to protect and isolate the affected skin; simultaneously helping to prevent the spread of the virus and accelerate the healing process.

Herpatch liquid patch

Herpatch Serum+ (£7.99) and Herpatch Prevent (£4.99) are available from Boots and

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