ShouldersBack – treatment for backpain


London: Around 2.5 million people in the UK experience suffer chronic back pain at some point in their lives which results in over 80 million days off work and this in itself leads to over a million GP referrals and costs more than £1.6 billion every year to treat. In total, three quarters of all UK adults have experienced back pain and eight million of them for periods of more than four weeks.

Back pain affects all professions, from chefs, through to office workers, people who practice yoga, electricians, doctors, nurses and those who partake in all forms of sport – but there is something that can help which is a simple, effective way to correct posture.

ShouldersBack was designed by orthopaedic professionals and is a unisex undergarment designed to gently remind you to maintain the correct posture even as the muscles tire. Made entirely of elastic and un-obtrusive so can be worn beneath clothes, ShouldersBack is flexible enough to allow movement but sturdy so the wearer remains upright.

Good posture encourages your muscles, joints and ligaments to work as nature intended. It means your vital organs are in the right position and can function at peak efficiency. Good posture can also contribute towards the normal functioning of the nervous system. Without good posture, your overall health and total efficiency may be compromised. In the long term, poor posture can even affect the digestive and respiratory system.

Operating on orthopaedic principles, ShouldersBack gently coaxes your back and also opens up the chest encouraging proper breathing and correct alignment without hyper-extending the lower back.

ShouldersBack costs £39.95 (+£2.50 P&P) and is available from LK Distribution Ltd on Tel: 01737 700 020.