Age no barrier to cosmetic surgery

London: More people aged 60 and over are opting for cosmetic surgery, according to a new report from the UK private health provider BUPA.

There has been a large increase in operations among pensioners prompted, it is thought, by the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery reality TV.

BUPA says it has seen a 40 per cent increase in the number of men and women in their sixties having cosmetic surgery in the past 12 months. And eight percent of those having surgery are aged over 61.

The most popular procedure was eyelid rejuvenation, accounting for 38 per cent of operations in the age group, followed by facelifts at 28 per cent.

For women, eight per cent of operations were breast reductions, followed by tummy tucks and liposuction, which make up six per cent and five per cent respectively.

Overall, across all age groups, BUPA said the number of cosmetic surgery operations undertaken in its hospitals grew by over 22 per cent last year.
The most popular procedure overall was breast enlargement which accounted for almost a third of all the cosmetic proceduresperformed in its 25 hospitals.

The next most popular surgery was eyelid reduction, tummy tucks, nose reshaping and breast reduction.

Men typically favoured nose reshaping, eyelid reduction and correction of prominent ears.

Liposuction also became more popular among men, accounting for 13 per cent of operations, up on 2004 and compared with just six per cent in 2003.

BUPA research released last year revealed that more than 80 per cent of women think it is perfectly acceptable to have cosmetic surgery and more men than ever are considering operations to improve their looks.