Breast Lift

The Caci Quantum bust lift uses an electrical current to strengthen the support muscles. The treatment takes thirty minutes and about 10 are recommended.

A therapist moves metal applicators or cotton-tipped probes over the skin in a massaging motion to deliver tiny micro-impulses to firm underlying tissue. A firming gel is applied to chest area and roller bars pushed in an upwards direction over muscles around breasts.This claims to lift bust and help restore shape by toning the muscles. Skin texture and elasticity should be improved. It costs about £30 per half-hour. Stockists: 020 87315678.

Collagen, the tissue in the body which plumps up the skin, is taken from cows, purified and injected into the fine lines and wrinkles on the cleavage and chest area.This is the only product that is suitable for use in this area. Synthetic fillers – which are chemically formulated to emulate the plumping effect of collagen – tend to be too thick and would cause lumps and bumps under the delicate skin. A patch test must be taken beforehand in case of allergy. This costs about £200 for the first treatment, but often a second treatment is required after three weeks if the first treatment hasn’t given the desired effect, at a further £200. Details: 0800 888000.


Based on the premise that coldwater massage has a tissue firming – and therefore
lifting – effect by stimulating blood circulation, the Model Bust is a DIY treatment you can do in your bathroom. A hose is fixed on to the cold water tap at one end and a ‘muzzle’ at the other, which fits over the breast. Use for 60 seconds a day on each breast for maximum ‘lift’and then use Clarins Beauty Bust Gel in the morning and Beauty Bust Lotion in the evening to help maintain the effect. It costs around £65 – stockists: 0800 036 3558.


Pliable silicone pads with a weak electrical current are placed on the pectorals and under the breasts to stimulate the muscles. This is meant to give them a perkier appearance. Five treatments are recommended, each a few days apart. The area was smeared with a cold gel and then a pad was placed on each pectoral muscle just above each breast and to the underside of the breasts to make a ‘circuit’.
The electrical activity starts a ‘pulsing’ action. It costs around £65 – stockists: 01225 422 695.


A rich mask containing Botulinum Toxin (as used in Botox), Elastine (a synthetic
version of the fibres in the skin which make it stretch), vitamins C and E, tropical herbal extracts from the Amazon, marine collagen and encapsulated oxygen is applied to the dcolletage and bust and left for about 20 minutes. The muscle-paralyzing Botox solution is not injected, but is said to have ‘relaxing’ properties for the muscles when used in a mask. £75 – details: 02074 487 3220.


A light massage with botanical creams is followed by a detoxifying layer of thermal clay and algae mask. This channels a weak electrical current from a small machine that makes the muscles contract, which should firm up the breast tissue and boost cell production. The wrap hardens into a ‘cast’ and is removed after an hour. Aftercare products, including serum and a cream-gel, are provided to keep the skin in good shape. Five one hour treatments recommended. Also used for general body firming. About £40 per session – details: 01753 833900.