Are you open to new challenges – try this quiz?


London: People to take up new challenges and hobbies stay younger longer. So can you hear opportunity knocking? And if you can, what does your reaction say about you?

What’s your usual response when new opportunities come your way? Do you seize the day and savour the experience, or look for the nearest hole in the sand to stick your head into? Chance, risk, and novelty are aspects of life that people react to differently – but how about you?

Most of us live very routine lives but variety is the spice of life and can have an overwhelming positive impact on our well being, according to research from The National Lottery.

Experts at the Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC), who conducted the research, have been studying how we respond to opportunities in life and have found we’re quick to make excuses these days – not enough time, not enough cash, we don’t want to look silly. The list goes on but there are plenty of opportunities that aren’t dramatic or risky but can still make a difference to our every day lives, without costing much at all.

But will you take those chances? Do you think you’re an optimist willing to make the best of all situations? Or are you a resolute fence sitter or avoid risk at all costs? This is the opportunity to find out for sure.

We’ve teamed with and SIRC to create this quick and easy test. Find out how likely you are to seize life’s opportunities, or if you are stuck in a rut. You must answer one question before proceeding to the next one.

Whatever your profile, if you want to introduce a bit of variety into your life, here are some top tips to make sure you make the most of the chances that come your way

§ Get back in touch with an old friend – take five minutes to pick up the phone or send an email and you could renew a friendship

§ Smile or say hello to a stranger – a friendly gesture to a neighbour you don’t know or someone you see on the train could perk up your day or even lead to a new friendship

§ Get off the bus or tube one stop short of your destination – you’ll discover new surroundings and get some exercise at the same time

§ Buy a Lotto ticket – give it a go and you could become a millionaire

§ Visit an art gallery or take a walk in a nearby park at lunch – the change of scenery will help you be more productive at work in the afternoon

§ Do something different at the weekend – the papers are full of pull-outs suggesting different days and evenings out so instead of just reading them and throwing them away, pick one and give it a go.