Surgeons grow breasts from stem cells

A “natural” form of breast enhancement that uses stem cells and fat from a woman’s own body may soon be offered by cosmetic surgery clinics.

Women in Japan have already had breast enlargements using the technique in trials. The breasts which are smoother and more natural are made from a person’s own stem cells extracted from their fatty tissue – usually from the thighs. The stem cells grow to become part of the breast.

The process has already been given approval in Germany which means, according to European law, it is legal in the whole of Europe including the UK. As well as cosmetic surgery the procedure has the potential to be used for victims of breast cancer and other disfigurements.

Stem cells are already being used to repair hearts and other organs in experimental procedures. It also has the potential for degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, muscle wasting and motor neurone disease.

The new breast augmentation uses an extraction method developed by Californian company, Cytori, which is able to extract and concentrate cells in hours making it more available to more people. The process concentrates the number of stem cells.

This particular procedure has been pioneered by Tokyo surgeon, Kotaro Yoshimura, a surgeon at Tokyo University medical school.

It gets over current disadvantages of silicon and water implants which can leak. Another method which uses fat alone does not last as the cells die.

US surgeons pioneer breast enlargement using body’s own fat

New York: Cosmetic surgeons in the US are using excess body fat to sculpt breasts rather than using implants.

The procedure has been successfully carried out by New York surgeon Sydney Coleman and could make silicon implants, which need to be replaced every ten years redundant. Mr Coleman has carried out about 30 of the procedures which also lesson the possibility of infection and scarring.

Similarly Thomas Baker, a professor of plastic surgery at Miami University’s medical school, has performed 28 augmentations using women’s own fat over the past two years.

Baker says thetechnique is ideal for women wanting a modest breast enlargement of about one to one and a half cup sizes because a smaller volume of fat is needed.

London’s The Harley Medical Group says is planning to offer the operation once scientific clinical trials have taken place and are peer-reviewed in established medical publications.