About Elixir

ELIXIR is the world’s first consumer glossy magazine focused on the muli-million dollar sector in everything anti-ageing including cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, nutrifoods, exercise, nutrition, diet, medical rejuvenation, and all the optimum lifestyle that this audience enjoys – whether its spa holidays, action and adventure, home, property and cars.

Our readers are discerning individuals aged over 30 who are interested in living longer without the debilitating diseases of ageing. This demographic includes the Baby Boomers who have the highest disposal income in history.

Elixir is a new, based in London but with big ambitions – not just for its business but for its employees. The philosophy of Elixir s focused around the personal development of anyone who works with us. And because we are new and growing, the potential within the company for ambitious and tenacious individuals is enormous.

ELIXIR is the first magazine to totally focus on this sector and competitors are looking over their shoulders. This is an exciting time to join us.

If you are interested in knowing more contact us at jobs@elixirnews.com