Free special report on prostate cancer – detection and treatment

Johns Hopkins Health Alerts, the consumer health information website published by University Health Publishing in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Medicine, today released an important new Special Report on treating and preventing prostate cancer.

The special report stresses that early detection and treatment are keys to defeat prostate cancer, and also outlines strategies for prostate cancer prevention, and dealing with prostate cancer’s most common side effects, including erectile dysfunction.

Who is at risk for prostate cancer? Every man. The risk increases with age. Men over 50, African-American men, and men with family medical histories of prostate cancer face the greatest threat. Regular testing is crucial.

Even if a person does not fall into any of these risk categories, education is their best weapon. The special arms people with clear, practical advice on what they can do to prevent prostate cancer.

The free special report 7 Keys to Treating Prostate Cancer explains the process of screening and detection, and discusses the treatment options available should the diagnosis prove to be prostate cancer.

The seven keys include:

1-Understand Your Prostate Biopsy

2-Get a Second (and Third or Fourth) Opinion

3-Choose the Right Treatment

4-Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

5-Seek Extra Help-If Needed

6-Understand the Role of Diet

7-Consider Complementary Techniques

The author, Dr. Jacek L. Mostwin, is one of the leading surgeons at Johns Hopkins’ James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute, ranked #1 in America for 16 consecutive years.

Dr. Mostwin clearly guides the reader through the diagnostic tools and innovative treatments for prostate cancer so that anyone concerned about it or suffering from it can make the best decisions about their medical care, to try to insure the best outcome.

The progress Dr. Mostwin and his fellow specialists have made in the battle against prostate cancer is remarkable, yet much more can be done to prevent this disease.

Anyone wishing to receive this free information can download this invaluable special report for free at

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