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The Vitality Shop UK offers you the highest quality health nutraceuticals and beauty products from around the world.The aim of Vitality Shop UK is promote healthy lifesyles so that you can not only live longer and more vital lives.

Improved medical intervention and nutrition, has resulted in a huge spurt in longevity in the 20th century. An extra 20 years has been added to the average lifespan, bringing the average global life expectancy to 66 years. Life expectancy in Ancient Rome was 22 and in the Middle Ages 35. Today there are some people who live to more than 115 years.

Although medical science is a long way from the discovery of a longevity pill, there is a growing community of doctors worldwide who believe that we can change our biological biomarkers to those of a younger person by making positive lifestyle changes. As a result we can live longer, happier and healthier lives.

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