Vitamin injections

A chelation injection is a bespoke combination of vitamins injected into the patient. It is far more potent in combating ageing than an ordinary injection. Administered weekly over say a three-month period helps the body stop damaging free radicals from attacking the joints, muscles and skin. The treatment can also assist stroke victims. The patient’s medical history is assessed by a doctor and after taking blood tests the physician will mix a cocktail of vitamins. Dr Keith Scott-Mumby, a nutritional physician based in London and Manchester uses chelation injections. . The weekly treatments, which must be administered by a doctor, last approximately two hours. Dr Scott-Mumby explained that as well as removing toxic metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium, the chelation also removes minerals from the body so a high strength multi-mineral tablet should be taken eight hours after each treatment. The number of treatments varies between ten to 15 for anti-ageing, and up to 30 for chronic heart and stroke conditions. Chelation is available on the UK’s NHS but for those who simply want rejuvenation treatments the cost is about £150 per treatment.

For a list of UK practitioners and more information, send an SAE to Chelation, The Integrated Medical Centre, 43 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 9PH, or tel: 0700 078 1744.