Vision & Hearing Loss

Age-related eye diseases — macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma — affect millions of people aged over 40. But the numbers are shooting up as we live longer.

Foods containing high levels of antioxidants are thought to be helpful in reducing vision loss, and these should be taken before the age of 40.

Deterioration accelerates in smokers.Regular eye exams should include screening for glaucoma.

The incidence of hearing loss increases with age. Twenty-nine percent of those with hearing loss are 45-65; 43% of those with hearing loss are 65 or older.

Hearing loss takes a toll on the quality of life and can lead to depression and withdrawal from social activities. Although hearing aids can help, only one out of four people use them.

High-frequency hearing loss is common in old age and made worse by a lifestyle that includes exposure to loud sounds whether its a concert or from Walkmans, iPods etc.