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Anti-Aging Group
21485 E Dixie Hwy
Aventura, FL 33180
T: 800-325-1325
Email: General@antiaginggroup.com
Web: www.Antiaginggroup.com

The Anti Aging Group offers a wide range of customer services and superior products through its medical facility, specially trained medical counselors and network of partner physicians who are all specialists in HGH and Testosterone treatments and protocols.

Dr. Kadish M.D., N.D., A.B.M.
2612 East Barnett Rd.
Medford, OR 97504
T: 541 773-3191

Longevity Centre of Houston
4126 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1620
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: (713) 522-4037
Fax: (713) 623-8007
Email: longevityhouston@aol.com
Web: www.longevityhouston.com

The physicians of the Longevity Centre of Houston provide advanced treatments in anti-aging and skin sare. Anti-Aging medicine is a medical specialty founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases.

Consultation on diet and exercise (weight loss), nutritional supplementation and hormone modulation (natural replacement of declining hormones such as Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone or HGH, DHEA and Melatonin.

State-of-the-art diagnostics and therapeutics are used to help eradicate the debilitating and disabling diseases of aging. Longevity Centre of Houston can also provide results oriented aesthetics. Using our advanced Intense Pulsed Light system coupled with Botox will eliminate hair, age spots, wrinkles, and vascular lesions such as Rosacesa and Spider Veins. It also offers Brava, the non-surgical breast augmentation (enlargement) system.